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Service Integration Management

Service Integration Management For decades, various service organizations have been at the forefront of modern technology, so they are no strangers to working in a complex and ever-evolving world. The rate at which technology advances continues to increase with no signs of slowing in the future; maintaining pace with the breakneck speed of technology is

IT Modernization for Technology Upgrade: Embrace it to Remain Competitive

IT Modernization for Technology Upgrade: Embrace it to Remain Competitive The growing numbers of major business players are accepting the importance of IT modernization in transition for improvement in day-to-day operations, decision making, quality management, cost control, delivery, risk management customer satisfaction, and in other business process areas etc. As the competitive challenges are getting

Mainframe Security Services

Mainframe Security Services The latest technological advancements in the IT sector have eliminated the need of room-sized computers to perform complex computing. Yet, many organizations prefer mainframe technology for obvious technical advantages. As the companies in the IT, ITES, and ITSM sectors utilize mainframe technology for the most critical computing tasks, getting mainframe security services

Use, Analysis and Storage of Big Data Services

Use, Analysis and Storage of Big Data Services Big data is an amalgamation of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data by organizations. One can mine the big data services for information and use in machine learning, predictive modeling as well as for other advanced analytics applications. Some of the systems, processing and storing bid data are

Digital Services

Digital Services Being an organization of any size, you would need to digitize your operations to attain the desired growth at the desired pace. Coping up with the latest technology for communication, smooth decision making, and automating your wide range of business operations becomes essential to stay ahead of the time. To achieve these objectives,

Mainframe; the new and the old

Mainframe; the new and the old What is mainframe? It is a style of computing. Mainframe; a term that was used to describe the physical characteristics of early systems but is now a style of operation, applications and operating system facilities. In the present era, the term mainframe has taken a backseat and manufacturers now

Mainframe Managed Services

Mainframe Managed Services  The Mainframe has served as the backbone of IT infrastructure for enterprises across the globe, for decades. And it continues to be an integral part of many organizations’ IT strategy. Even though the idea of IT infrastructure as the way to store and process the organization’s data has undergone an evolution, the

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – The Cloud Computing

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – The Cloud Computing Cloud computing is Web-based computing which permits organizations and individuals to expend computing resources such as virtual machines, databases, preparing, memory, services, storage, messaging, occasions, and pay-as-you-go. Cloud services frequently develop upon established ones. Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services, from applications to storage