Let’s now uncover various solutions, services, and products being offered by AWS, which will help you in choosing the best fit for your business.

Business Applications

They enable businesses to have personal, omni-channel and AI-powered customer interactions. The applications let their employees work from any location securely and productively. Also, they are able to collaborate and communicate in real time. The applications enable businesses to send personalized messages to customers in the form of SMS, email, push notifications, etc.


It entails scalable data lakes, purpose built analytical services unified governance. While data lakes provide a centralized repository for storing all the structured and unstructured data at any scale, analytics services are optimized for your business’s unique analytics use cases. Seamless data movement allows replicating data across multiple data stores and data lakes. Governance is associated with authorizing, managing access to your business data.

Application Integration

Application integration services from AWS facilitate communication between decoupled components of distributed systems, microservices and serverless applications. They connect apps, promote faster app development and let businesses focus more on innovation than their operational responsibilities.

Customer Engagement

Scalable Amazon customer engagement services provide businesses ways to engage their customers in a personal, dynamic and natural manner and let them create best possible experiences for their customers.

Security, Identity, & Compliance

These solutions from AWS enable businesses to protect their data, networks and applications and let them better manage their identities and permissions. Also, they can detect threats, practice continuous monitoring and maintain compliance and data privacy.

End-User Computing

Its end user computing services enable business personnel to securely access various applications and desktops for getting their job done. They offer businesses advantages like increased agility, enhanced reliability and optimization of costs.

We Are Your Trustworthy Partner for AWS Migration and Implementation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a revolutionary and extensively adopted cloud-based platform. It is enabling businesses to become the best versions of themselves with its comprehensive range of solutions and products based on futuristic and groundbreaking infrastructure and emerging technologies.


Offering over 200 fully featured and functional solutions delivered from its data centers based in various parts of the world, its solutions cover different aspects of businesses and industry verticals. They help businesses become more agile and high-performing, innovate faster and achieve lower costs. The solutions empower them to build a variety of solutions and applications in a fast and easier way.

ITSM Solutions for better productivity
ITSM Solutions for better productivity

Experienced and knowledgeable AWS experts of SPM Global Technologies, one of the most reputed AWS Service Providers and prominent AWS vendors, will help you throughout your AWS migration and implementation process. They will assist you right from providing AWS consultant advice, communicating, roadmap development, strategy making, cloud-native deployment, implementation, migration, testing, enforcing best practices, onboarding your employees, training, monitoring, updating, risk assessment, security, backup of data and compliance and providing AWS support services.


SPM Global Technologies is the world’s leading provider of software development solutions and installation services of cloud-based products, including AWS. This major AWS third-party vendor and provider of exceptional AWS Managed Services has the technological proficiency, resources, and trained manpower to advise, assist and lead you during the entire process for achieving a smooth and seamless AWS implementation for your business.

AWS Cost Management

This solution provides real-time cost data to engineering, application, and business teams, leading to improved cost visibility, accountability and controlling, billing management, planning, and flexible forecasting and budgeting.

Management & Governance

AWS management and governance services allow businesses to carry on innovation and control cost, compliance, and security side by side. They can maintain both business agility and governance control.

Quantum Technologies

A fully managed quantum computing service enables researchers and developers to get started quickly with various Quantum Technologies for carrying out research and discovery.

Machine Learning

Its machine learning services facilitate machine learning among developers, data scientists, and expert practitioners, so they can employ them for improving customer experience, optimizing business operations, and accelerating innovation.

Migration & Transfer

Its comprehensive range of migration tools and solutions allows businesses to migrate easily to AWS and get business results faster.