Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 – A Dias To Showcase Our Innovations

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 – A Dias To Showcase Our Innovations

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 is approaching! The entire technology entrepreneurship across the country and beyond is excited to be a part of this Asia’s largest technology event. SPM Global Technologies take pride to celebrate this occasion in its hybrid Avtar this time.

We have been the innovation partners to our global clientele, developing customized software solutions to empower their business operations. During the journey of over 20 years, we have pioneered digital transformation for companies across industries and geographies.

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021

The Re-energizing Theme

Thanks to organizers and sponsors of BTS2021 to choose ‘Drive the Next’ as the theme for this exciting technology event. Indeed, the technological innovations from start-ups and technology entrepreneurs from our country are making a difference to propel the ‘change’ the entire world is experiencing.

The pandemic in the last year is bringing many changes and challenges to society. However, SPM Global Technologies foresees the opportunities hidden in these challenges. People from across the world have realized the power of the internet during the pandemic.

Similarly, businesses are switching to new normal. We anticipated the shift to remote working, and subsequent needs of the modern-day enterprises to manage workflow orchestration, agile product development, talent acquisition, customer relationship management, logistics, and so on.

Our talented team of developers was motivated to grab new opportunities even during the testing times. Our motive is to deliver user-friendly technology-driven solutions to make individuals’ and businesses’ lives and processes easy. Adhering to the same strategy, we are developing incredible digital solutions to solve numerous market issues.

The upcoming technology event brings us the opportunity to present our tech innovations for a better tomorrow. Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 is going to be a hub to explore new possibilities that bring positive change.

Our team will proudly showcase our innovations in this technology event, to highlight how our technical capabilities coupled with expertise can add smiles to businesses across various sectors.

Our Innovations to ‘Drive the Next’



And Action!!!

The stage would be all set to let the world know how our innovations are going to change it! It would be an experience filled with excitement to introduce what we do to enhance, empower, and transform businesses.

Our development experts work with an ambitious vision to leverage modern technology to address pain points and solve problems. We would like to emphasize why our customers love our software solutions. Here is a glimpse of what our team will showcase during the conference, exhibition, and India Innovation Alliance during BTS2021:

  • Data Science

SPM Global Technologies develops data science-based solutions to tackle various needs of the future digital world. Gathering mission-specific insights and organizing them to help the users resolve their issues has been our passion.

We have successfully developed many digital solutions making the most of the latest data science methodologies. Some of the solutions are:

  1. Tools to enhance presentation audio and videos to make them impressive.
  2. Apps based on Python and leveraging its data science library – Panda.
  3. Digital Transformation to replace human-led tasks
  4. Solutions to achieve data privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ai & ML are trending and businesses are looking for solutions based on these latest technologies to resolve their operational issues. Our development team delivers solutions to help users make the most of their resources to achieve better efficiency and profitability, such as:

  1. End-to-end AI Solutions to help companies clean their data set and build machine learning models and deep learning insights
  2. AI-based solutions to automate data management tasks
  3. Help Machine Learning Companies refine AI-led results for their practical utilization
  • Custom Software Solutions

We are pioneers in building custom software solutions as per the needs of our customers. From ideating the software product, designing its UI and UX, to developing it to make it a world-class solution, our team is experienced in every phase of product management.

 Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 will give us a chance to reveal some of our most appreciated custom solutions, such as:

  • CRM Software
  • Job Portal Software
  • A comprehensive tool for HR operations
  • Payroll Management Tool

Our Initiatives Towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’

SPM Global Technologies strive to make the nation proud by delivering software solutions to clients from across the world. We work with companies from across the world to develop digital products for them, following product management best practices, and the highest entrepreneurship ethics.

BTS2021 would set the floor for many start-ups and companies to present their contributions to make the nation ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-sufficient). We attract revenue from various parts of the world by delivering digital products and services. We will take this opportunity to let you explore how we are creating success stories.

Technology for Transformation

We believe that technological innovations and inventions should empower humanity, adding convenience and accessibility to the users’ lives. We do this without compromising sustainability, and our commitment to maintaining the balance of an ecosystem.

Our participation in Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 will reveal our ambitious plans to continue innovating technology-oriented solutions to help businesses transform.

Digital Solutions are needed in every walk of life today. We help businesses operate more effectively and efficiently, and leave a greater positive impact through our technology-powered innovative solutions.

Partners to Growth and Success!

We believe in growing by helping our clients grow. We understand the significance of reaching out to the world to let people know how we can bring positive influences to their lives. That’s the reason, Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021 is important for us.

Let’s make this technology event grand by flourishing the network of entrepreneurs who put their 100% to Drive the next. We would continue to partner with our customers to help them succeed in their business objectives.

Don’t miss out to be a part of this get-together of technological excellence! Witness how start-ups and established entrepreneurs showcase their ideas and solutions to make digital transformation across the world a reality.  SPM Global Technologies is glad to participate in this Asia’s largest technology event.

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