ADDM – Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping

What is  ADDM ?

Currently, all IT organizations are attempting to implement IT Service Management, which is based on understanding the environment, as it is challenging to manage systems that you do not know are there. Most noteworthy, the organizations can’t know what assets support which part of the business through discovery alone, hence, application discovery and dependency mapping are interrelated.

BMC Discovery (ADDM) is a digital enterprise management solution, which automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping. It builds a holistic view of all data centre assets and the relationships between them. BMC Discovery contributes to significant savings and value for customers, as it delivers actionable data centre information in the shortest time, so that the team can make better business decisions.

What is BMC ADDM Discovery?

ADDM stands for Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping

ADDM stands for Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping. As we know that there can be numerous, complex while transmitting data to and from the applications. Application dependency mapping is the process of visually displaying updated data about your monitored network components, along with their relationships.

BMC Discovery (ADDM) has been designed to be highly salable, flexible, and easy to use. Some of its features include:

    • Fast time to value: It is delivered as a ready-to-run virtual appliance with agent less discovery, BMC Discovery (ADDM) delivers usable information within hours.
    • Big Discovery: This technology delivers a fresh view of your data centre as often as you need with no speed or scale limits.
    • Collaborative application mapping: Reduce the time and effort to map applications with just a small amount of seed data from application owners.
    • Robust search and analytics: The Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports answer common data centre questions. And the powerful Google-like search quickly locates information with a just few keywords or phrases.
    • Data provenance: This provides full transparency into how the data was discovered.
    • Software and hardware reference libraries: These reference libraries help you quickly identify software that is no longer supported and makes it easier to plan for software upgrades and quickly identify inefficient hardware for the projects.


Some of the Benefits of BMC ADDM Discovery includes:

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Support Services

  • It reduces the number of incidents caused by any change.
  • It reduces the time to isolate the root cause.
  • It helps prioritize incidents based on its business impact.
  • It reduces the cost and time to prepare for audits and prevent audit penalties.
  • It optimizes the data centre hardware and software.
  • And validates the accuracy of disaster recovery versus production systems.

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