BMC MainView- A Complete Solution for Cost-effective Mainframe Management

BMC MainView- A Complete Solution for Cost-effective Mainframe Management

bmc mainview services at low cost BMC MainView is a mainframe management software initially designed to help enterprises to manage IBM hardware for office automation. BMC MainView is a great help for mainframe management by having a single view to control z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments. Optimized mainframe performance results in reduced monitoring costs, improved system availability, better performance, and minimum risk of unavailability of services.

Nine Benefits of MainView Mainframe that Make it a Global Choice:

MainView is an asset for ITSM companies; it makes the mainframe management up to 50% more efficient. The leading MainView service providers offer a tailor-made modular solution for central administration and management of mainframe that:

  1. Increases cost-effectiveness

“95% MainView users say it reduces mainframe costs.”

  1. Reduces operational costs

“92% MainView users say that MainView improved the ease of use.”

  1. Optimizes resource usage

“95% users say MainView reduces the CPU usage.”

  1. Provides a customizable mainframe-based graphic interface
  2. Provides single view centralized management control
  3. Provides seamless navigation across all the subsystem components including IMS/CICS/Db2/MQ/z/OS
  4. Allows for remote secure console access
  5. Provides proactive intelligent automation to detect and resolve the problems promptly

“98% Mainframe MainView users say that it helps to solve the problems faster.”

  1. Improves overall team’s performance

BMC MainView Products:MainView Services Providers

BMC MainView Mainframe software is a dependable comprehensive solution for cost-effective management of modern mainframe. It delivers a unique suite of capabilities for cost-effective mainframe systems management. The features-enriched MainView is 100% customizable. The tailor-made MainView services at low cost are available for all the MainView products:

  1. MainView Monitoring: Reduces the costs, increases availability, improves z/OS and z/OS UNIX management and helps to mitigate skills shortage. The comprehensive view of z/OS and z/OS UNIX environment adds more values to the critical needs of businesses- speed, efficiency, intuitiveness, and cost-effectiveness.
  2. MainView Automation: Reduces cost, complexity, and risk factors while automating systems management. MainView Automation, empowered with intelligent proactive automation, transforms the management experience of mainframe systems.
  3. MainView for Java Environments: Provides insights for optimized and seamless Java resource use. The integrated Java system management solution helps to identify the performance-oriented problems at an early stage and to fix quickly. Users can manage the entire JVMs, mainframe environment, and IBM z/OS Connect API through a single window.
  4. MainView for CICS Management: Centralized management control to maximize the cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency of CICS subsystems. The performance management solution helps to manage traditional CICS along with other processing environments. Business-centric viewpoint, CICS Transaction Gateway in Centralized monitoring, Automatic diagnostics are the key features of BMC’s MainView CICS Management.
  5. MainView for Db2 Management: Consolidated management controls to optimize the performances across Db2 environment. It helps to manage multiple Db2 systems like being a single system. Its real-time performance analysis empowers to identify Db2 performance issues before they could cause problems.
  6. MainView for zOS Management: MainView window interface that provides intuitive and user-friendly access to data automatically built about system-performance. It is a system-management application that empowers the users for managing and improving workload performance, job performance, system resource utilization, and thresholds.BMC MainView Services at low cost
  7. MainView for IMS Management: Delivers 3600 view of every incident and development in IMS environment. Extensive call tracing, Recon datasets (DBRC) support, IMS DBA support, integrated IMS commands, hotspots reporting, actionable intelligence etc are the key features of IMS Management MainView.
  8. MainView Message Management: Facilitates for comprehensive central management of IBM MQ resources. Detailed data collection, sophisticated automation, Queue manager optimization, web-based interface, Historical reporting, MQ call data sharing etc are the key features of MainView Message Management.
  9. MainView Mainframe Storage Resource Management (SRM): Simplifies the mainframe storage environment by allowing the users to manage it from a single window. It helps to ensure applications’ availability, manage the mainframe storage environment, and simplify mainframe storage system from a single window of control.
  10. MainView Batch Optimizer: Optimizes batch workloads without requiring changes in Job Control Language (JCL). It comes with a set of inbuilt tools that help you streamline mainframe batch-processing with dynamic optimization utility. Support for VSAM, BPAM, QSAM, BSAM data sets, advanced LSR capabilities, job piping technology, and adaptive processing are the key features of MainView Batch Optimizer.
  11. MainView Middleware: Improves real-time monitoring and simplifies middleware environment administration. MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA provides the system management-oriented capabilities to identify the best-fit connections, configure connections, modify parameters etc that improve efficiency for troubleshooting.

Scope of MainView Management Services:costeffective mainview service providers

According to a BMC AnnualMainframe Survey report (2016), 65% of the respondents accepted mainframe cost optimization as the top priority. By improving capabilities to proactively monitor and manage mainframe systems as well as to manage the identified potential risk factors/possibilities/ issues, the organizations can improve customer satisfaction by large. Remote access helps to resolve the issues quickly without geographical boundaries. The customized automated solutions help organizations to reduce operational cost and complicacy both. The cost-effective MainView services are customized for particular objectives like:

  1. Single View and Control: The MainView services for this domain are focused to manage the integrated database on a single console. The MainView service provider guides you:
  • To remotely access all the resources and metrics regardless of source
  • To have easy-to use navigation for quick cause identification
  • To have a customized graphic interface for mainframe
  • To secure the console access remotely
  1. Central Administration: MainView services planned for this domain helps you leverage the benefits of in-built components of MainView with a holistic approach for mainframe ecosystem management. MainView central administration services help you:Mainview service providers at low cost
  • To standardize the configuration and navigation for speedy knowledge transfer that improves overall efficiencies
  • To set-up smart alarms and central management system for consistency in services
  • To centralize holistic management of mainframe ecosystem
  • To integrate MainView components in the line of changing requirements
  1. Intelligent Proactive Automation: The top MainView mainframe services and support providers help you create codeless rules-based automation to manage performance-oriented issues. The affordable MainView intelligent proactive automation services help you:
  • To set up a codeless and rules-based automation system that reduces manual efforts and increases efficiency and accuracy
  • To set up and configure dynamic triggers that initiate appropriate prompt actions such as text message, automation, phone call, MTTR drop etc
  • To set up thresholds according to business cycle changes that minimize guesswork
  • To set up smart alarms that trigger to inform about the possible occurrence of problem
  1. Highly Efficient Resource Usage: The rightly chosen MainView services company plans the services for this particular domain of mainframe MainView management to help you improve the performances with minimum use of resources through dynamic and cost-aware capping, console consolidation, efficient zIIP offloading etc. The customized MainView mainframe services for efficient resource usage help you: MainView automation services at low cost
  • To manage common MainView components
  • To share the collected information anywhere
  • To free GP capacity through zIIP offloading
  • To set up dynamic capping that can save about 20% of MLC costs
  • To consolidate the console to save floor space, and to effectively manage the critical issues aligned to software, hardware, cooling, and heating.

Outsourcing of Mainframe support services at low cost from an efficient ITSM services provider improves the competitive, performance and growth-oriented gains. The experience, authorization, skills, specialization, approach, service scope, support model are the key parameters to outsource MainView services at a feasible cost. SPM Global Technologies may be a good choice to have competitively-priced comprehensive support for BMC MainView mainframe integration.