Salesforce Community Cloud

Modern-day businesses need to equip themselves with technology-driven tools for effective internal communication. Better customer relationship management is another challenge. Community Cloud Managed Services would be the best solution. The solution helps your business bring all crucial stakeholders on a single platform. 

Building an online community opens up many growth possibilities today. Investing in the enablement of communication tools is a must. It boosts the productivity of your business. Your key personnel can keep track of progress and assign tasks to the right teams. They can also attend to customer service queries right away.

We work with hundreds of clients worldwide as a Community Cloud Third-Party Vendor. We put in place the world-class Salesforce Cloud-based communication tool. The tool helps our clients build their branded online communities.

ITSM Solutions for better productivity

As globally acclaimed Community Cloud Service Providers, we provide Salesforce community cloud implementation services, community cloud support services, and Salesforce community cloud trainings to our clients.

We take you through the entire journey of transformation promptly as your preferred community cloud consultant. Our Salesforce community cloud trainings upgrade the skills of your IT team, and community cloud support services ensure that any technical issues during the operation will be resolved at the earliest.

About the Solution

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Salesforce Community Cloud is a well-developed social network offered by Salesforce. We are a Certified Community Cloud Consultant. We deploy this flexible communication platform for their businesses.

Community Cloud in Salesforce generates a communication platform for our clients’ organizations. Organizations can connect with their employees, associates, and customers also.

Salesforce community cloud serves as your effective mode of communication with your community and improves customer experience and service efficiency. Choosing us as your Salesforce community cloud third-party vendor will help you enjoy the benefits of this solution in the long run.

The solution deploys Chatter, a social platform CRM. The users can chat, screen share, share images, videos, and much more. You can start the conversations on B2B or B2Clevels. The tool helps organizations make decisions faster. Companies can serve their customers better.

SPM Global serves as your trusted Salesforce community cloud service provider. During Salesforce community cloud implementation, we understand your business-specific needs, and customize the solution accordingly. We also provide Salesforce community cloud training to the key personnel of your IT team. That ensures effective use of the solution for your business. Along with that, we remain with you through our Salesforce community cloud managed services.

Features and Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a futuristic social platform for companies. It lets organizations develop their online branded communities. Our community cloud managed services keep your business equipped with the cutting-edge technology by Salesforce community cloud.

The Community Cloud Einstein blends community cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The solution offers enormous features and benefits. As your preferred community cloud third-party vendor, we ensure that your business will utilize the features and get the benefits of community cloud in Salesforce to the fullest. Let us find out some significant aspects:

Accelerated Development of Enterprise Solutions

We serve as the Community Cloud Vendors. We help our small to medium business clients leverage technology-driven features like AppExchange. This is a marketplace designed for entrepreneurs and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). AppExchange helps bring marketing, enablement, and product teams to work collectively. Thus, our clients can deliver world-class enterprise solutions to clients across the globe.

Being an experienced community cloud third-party vendor, we know the technicalities in Salesforce community cloud implementation. We ensure a cost-effective, customized, and timely implementation of community cloud in Salesforce.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We are among the most reliable Community Cloud Vendors. We deploy a platform to let you build your branded online community. As you can bring your customers on this platform, you can get their feedback instantly. Apart from that, your customers can send their service queries to your service team.

It helps you resolve your customers’ queries and service issues quickly. Thus, Salesforce Community Cloud helps enhance the customer experience. 

As community cloud service providers, our community cloud managed services and community cloud support services ensure that your business effectively communicates with your customers uninterruptedly. Our Salesforce community cloud training is designed to enhance the proficiency of your sales, marketing, and IT teams to use the features of this communication platform tactfully to improve the overall customer experience.

Effortless Data Synchronization

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform helps organizations synchronize data swiftly. They can gather information between Salesforce Cloud, SAP, and various other systems. This synchronization enhances the user experience. This feature helps improve the productivity of organizations of almost any size. 

Data Synchronization helps in many ways, such as:

Delivering integrations faster

Boosts sales productivity

Effective Communication for Powerful App Development

Makes the order provisioning mechanism surprisingly fast

Salesforce developed Platform – Lightning. The platform enables companies to build world-class apps on the top of Salesforce. Similarly, Platform – IoT allows gathering data through various sources. The data from internet-connected machines and devices gets on Salesforce Cloud. 

As a preferred Salesforce community cloud consultant, we prioritize features that enhance your operational efficiency, during Salesforce community cloud implementation. Then again, we make your It team and other key personnel well-versed in utilizing these features during Salesforce community cloud training

We have earned the reputation of being the pioneer in this industry as Salesforce community cloud service providers. We appoint the best talents and assign the task of Salesforce community cloud implementation to our Salesforce-Certified IT professionals. Our team of Salesforce community cloud experts conduct Salesforce community cloud managed services and community cloud support services for our global clientele. You can rest assured that your digital transformation journey would be guided by the industry experts.

We are a Certified Community Cloud Vendor. We deploy the customized solution coupled with the best of its features. Thus, your business communicates effectively. Ultimately, your app development process and customer satisfaction speed up. This added productivity takes your success to new levels. 

Effective Workflow Monitoring

Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation makes internal communication easy for your business. You may be:

  • A small to medium business with less than 200 employees, 
  • A commercial establishment with up to 999 employees, or 
  • A corporate enterprise having a workforce of over 1000. 

Workflow monitoring is a challenging task for your managers.

We are a globally recognized Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant. We help your employees communicate by integrating various business apps. Your managers can track the progress of every project and task. Moreover, they can analyze the pain points. Thus, managers can make quick strategic decisions to keep the operations on track.

Why Choose Us as Your Implementation Partner?

Choosing the best implementation, training, and support service partner brings many benefits. SPM Global Technologies takes pride in offering Community Cloud Managed Services. Here are some of the factors that make us better than others:

salesforce community cloud consultant

The Best-in-Class Implementation

Our global clientele includes organizations of various sizes and natures. We offer the most advanced Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation Services. We work with any size and nature of businesses, such as:

  • Small to medium size companies, 
  • Commercial establishments, and 
  • Corporate enterprises 

Our clients belong to different sectors, including but not limited to:




Life Sciences






Public Sector

Higher Education

We offer implementation services to IT companies, Enterprise Solutions, and App Developers.

salesforce community cloud implementation

Prompt Support Services

We offer Salesforce Trainings at different levels. We intend to leverage our product expertise to our clients and professionals. that wish to master Salesforce solutions to shoulder crucial responsibilities across various industries.

Our training modules include:

Community Cloud Third Party Vendor

Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer Community Cloud Support Services through our team of Salesforce-Certified IT experts. Our experts are well-versed with technical support attributes. Thus, we never leave our clients alone. Our experts resolve their technical difficulties related to the solution.

Our Community Cloud Support Services team would always be happy to help you. We answer your queries and address your technical obstacles every time. Thus, we ensure that the solution works for you with the least possible downtime.

Cloud Consultant

Field Services Lightning Consultant

Platform Developer I

Certified System Architect

Certified Application Architect

Pardot Consultant

Pardot Specialist

Certified Technical Architect

Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

Our Community Cloud Training upgrades the skill sets of the trainees. Salesforce has been a popular platform across various domains. We help organizations have an industry-ready workforce. Trained professionals bring out the technological benefits of this solution.

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Choose us as your Community Cloud Consultant to get Salesforce Community Cloud. We deploy the solution as per your business-specific needs.