Copado Salesforce (Summer 20 Release) Is So Famous, But Why?

Copado Salesforce (Summer 20 Release) Is So Famous, But Why?

Costeffective Copado service providersCopado is an advanced end to end cloud-based DevOps solution for Salesforce that brings Architects, Developers, and Admins on one platform. Copado Salesforce (Summer 20 release announced on June 24, 2020), is a comprehensive deployment and releases management solution that improves visibility and traceability of corresponding Salesforce org. Its capability to manage the errors proactively supports the DevOps teams to improve the quality of the release process. Copado empowers the enterprises to seamlessly integrate all the DevOps functions, automate manual tasks, and to monitor the data across the DevOps cycle; and, the outcome is improved software quality, faster releases, improved productivity, improved compliance and reduced costs.

Top 10 Features of Copado Salesforce That Make It a Favorite DevOps Solution:

  1. Metadata deployment using OAuth
  2. Continuous integration without Jenkins
  3. Change management
  4. Compare Org metadata differences & deployment
  5. Branch management & Version control
  6. Automated Meta-data backups
  7. Webhook API & CLI
  8. Automated Salesforce orgs testing
  9. Static Code analysis
  10. Compliance Hub

Copado – The Power to Unify Salesforce Team For Improved PerformanceSalesforce copado service providers

Copado for Salesforce Admins: Salesforce Admins provide maximum values to the organization by automating the different business processes, customizing reports & dashboards, and training Salesforce users. Admins are responsible for customer relationship management also. Copado features help the Salesforce Admins to improve the collaboration between the teams and to streamline the processes for time, effort, and cost-saving.

Copado for Salesforce Developer: Salesforce Developers are primarily responsible for the coding, maintenance, installation, configuration, testing, debugging, managing the defined timelines etc. Copado Summer 20 release facilitates the Salesforce Developers to improve the automation, transparency, quality checks, and visibility needed to save countless hours of manual labor.

Copado for Salesforce IT Architect: Salesforce Technical Architects are mainly responsible for designing robust solutions to solve the complex problems proactively and at the earliest before these could harm and cost the processes. Copado provides insights, interface, and advanced usability much required to connect with the admins and developers. It allows the Salesforce IT Architects to maximize the use of available resources and to save the countless dollars.

Copado for Salesforce CIO: Chief Information Officer, the in-charge of information technology and computer systems, is expected to have real-time deep insights to assess the ongoing processes, recommend software upgrades, and to keep the team members on the best track ensuring the best ROI. Copado empowers the Salesforce CIOs to counter down the competitive challenges as well as to contribute for improving customers’ experience.

Copado for Salesforce Security Officer: The key role of the Salesforce Security Officer is to protect and safeguard the entire DevOps environment. Salesforce Security Officer works in close association with multiple teams that need a secured communication platform and dependable automation process. Copado- 20 release provides a secure platform for Security Officers to prevent unauthorized access, implement security controls for the processes, limit the risk at any stage, strengthen data security, monitor setup changes, guard against possible vulnerabilities etc.

Copado Salesforce(20 Release) – The Best DevOps Tool for Multiple Concerns:

Costeffective Copado service providersCollaboration:

  1. Improves overall productivity with streamlined collaboration
  2. Enables teams to communicate, create time-saving workflows, and assign tasks
  3. Supports to delegate roles & responsibilities
  4. Helps to control permissions n visibility
  5. Enables for custom team notifications for improved automation activity


  1. Improves visibility across DevOps cycles
  2. Helps for real-time monitoring of release pipeline data
  3. Ensures process compliance and release quality
  4. Detects any unwanted change made into production and event of an exception
  5. Runs automated analysis of Apex code to detect any drop in code quality

Automation:Salesforce copado services at feasible cost

  1. Automates the number of manual and repetitive tasks
  2. Standardizes complex deployments to speed up deployment time
  3. Reduces errors and the possibility of failed deployments
  4. Enables to automate security and compliance practices while maintaining governance
  5. Enables self-service deployment

Performance Monitoring:

  1. Improves performance monitoring of the number of teams and applications
  2. No need to record complicated scripts/workflows about each deployment instance
  3. Helps the DevOps chain to deliver industrial-grade performance across
  4. Highly efficient in scaling the performance of a large number of teams & applications
  5. Uses a scalable approach wherever metadata Changes are easy to make


  1. Helps to leverage existing investments
  2. Offers a robust set of APIs to be integrated with repositories, release management tools, and apps
  3. Compliant to cloud-based repository automation tools, VCS & ALM tools, and applications
  4. Integrated with Salesforce Clouds and Salesforce DX
  5. Supports external CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo


  1. Allows defining and enforcing the particular compliance rules for all the metadata changes
  2. Compliance Hub (CCH) monitors release processes to ensuring that the made changes are according to your enterprise rules
  3. Ensures that the admin changes don’t violate the compliance policies like GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, etc
  4. Automatically sends alerts to prevent deployments causing compliance violations
  5. Detects and prevents access to confidential data to minimize data leaks possibility

Costeffective salesforce copado servicesCopado, 100% native DevOps platform for Salesforce, offers a cloud-based solution that integrates all the steps across the Salesforce DevOps cycle. New features of Copado 20 Release like Advanced-Data Deploy, Copado CLI, Deployment Wizard, UX Enhancements, etc make it must have technical support for Salesforce teams. Take the first step! The companies offering consulting and training services for ‘Salesforce Lightning’ implementation, integration, and migration offer tailor-made support model to help you benefit from the Summer 20 release of Copado Salesforce.


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