Field service lightning

Field service lightning 

Costeffective field service lightening servicesOwning and running a field service business involves a lot of moving parts for its functioning. The job requires you to send agents to file for professional service, regular maintenance and installations. Sadly, many organisations are still maintaining these records manually. Here is where field service lightning comes into the picture. Let us understand FSL inside out.

What is Field Service Lightning?

Field service lightning has emerged as a field solution for onsite job management with real-time collaboration capabilities. It caters to need right from installations to repairs, services and regular maintenance for a better customer and employee experience. Field service management is the fastest-growing service in the Salesforce stack and is all set to make life easier for everyone. Feasible field service lightening

Taking a look at the service circle; dispatchers set field technicians by sending appropriate technicians with the right skill set to complete a particular service with driving and service time into consideration.

The field technicians have real-time data at their fingertips to understand what work is being requested and what tools are required to complete the work, the tool also has knowledge articles that the technicians might need to fill in any gaps at the time of service. Leadership Teams access all the data to spot trends and improve operational processes. And finally, customers have a seamless experience, faster case resolution time as the technician is skilled and prepared for the job. ‘

Now when logistics are managed by technology like the Field service lightning, your employees can focus on delivering better customer experience by improving the products and services.

Field service lightning is a set of tools that lets you manage work orders, set up a schedule and manage the mobile workforce. With a field service lightning tool, you can:

  1. Make records that represent what your field service technicians, dispatchers and agents have accomplished during the day. The tool lets you add details about their location, availability and skill set that they possess.
  2. Represent regions with a multi-level service territory and set up areas where your technicians deliver their services.
  3. Maintain your inventory by tracking location, the status of warehouses and details about customer sites. You can also manage your customer preferences for a particular work. Set up recurring work orders, add technician details for the next job.
  4. Standardize your field service task; keep maintenance plans handy for the same.
  5. Create service reports after task completion to keep customers informed about service progress.

What does the field service lightning include: 

Core Features:

Once you enable the Field Service Lightning tool, you are allowed to access a suite of standard objects that can be found and set up in the ‘Setup’ tabs in Salesforce.

Managed Package: this package is built on the core features and includes-

  • A guided setup tool to make you familiar with creating field service records and customize your settings.
  • A bird’s eye view of all team members for the dispatchers and supervisors and a scheduled appointment with a dynamic scheduling console
  • A scheduling optimizer to allocate relevant resources most efficiently, keeping in mind their skills, travel time, location and other factors.
  • Scheduling policies and triggers to help you customize your scheduling model and display preferences.

What can you learn from a guided tour? Salesforce lightening service providers at low cost

  • Set Up Field Service Lightning

One stop solution to build and manage your field service operation in one place. Create and maintain records that represent your workforce, set up order work and track inventory.

  • Manage Work Orders for Field Service

The tool allows you to manage work orders to track what type of work is to be maintained and creating maintenance plans.

  • Manage shifts: your employees might be working in shifts. Shifts in filed lighting enable you to define different working shifts for staff such as contractors, on-call staff etc. you can create shifts for specific dates and times and assign different service requests to them. The Enhanced Optimization feature lets you schedule your workforce availability during shift.
  • Manage Service Resources: manage field service technicians who can be assigned to service appointments also. With managed service resources, you can create a timesheet and view their travel routes and calendar.
  • Managed service crew membership: manage your service crews efficiently to accommodate a fast-changing field service schedule. With this feature, you can create crews, find and add members with relevant skills and match appointment times for members all in one place.
  • Manage service appointments: service appointments have changing needs. With this feature, you can create, schedule, reschedule and unscheduled service appointments. Fix appointment overlaps, group nearby appointments, fill schedule gaps and make a robust appointment plan.
  • Manage your field service inventory: inventory maintenance requires automation too. Maintain inventory movement, request and transfer products, track product consumption and process customer returns with the tool.
  • Track availability and reliability: the feature lets you obtain availability and reliability statistics for assets.
  • Manage service reports: deliver service reports to your customer’s inboxes to keep them updated. Similarly, technicians and dispatchers can create daily reports for work orders, service appointments and email them to the customers directly. There are standard templates to use or options to create variations too
  • Optimize filed
  • Optimize your field service Schedule: use this feature to optimize the schedule for your team or customers. Scheduling optimization helps you comply with service level agreements and reduce travel time, overtime and no shows.
  • Work in the dispatcher console: the field service lightning dispatcher is the actual and main working space for dispatchers. There is a dynamic map, a customizable Gantt chart to show upcoming appointments, number of active team members etc.

A real-life example of field service lightning

Field service lightening service providersAll services are at the customer’s doorsteps these days. Making an appointment for a barber, calling up the electrician, carpenter, plumber; is all minded by an app in the consumer’s phone.

For example, a company delegates barbers to clients. Now some customers need a haircut

every week, every month and so on there are different requirements. Barbers run across the city to meet the needs. Time slots vary, working hours vary, travel time to each client varies too. In such a case, managing the barbers is not possible without the field service lightning tool. With the tool, the dispatcher can take control of all bookings, optimize travel times and give a smooth customer experience without troubling the barbers much too.

Add the field service advantage to your workforce to expand your business and track reports on the aspect that matters the most to your field service operations.