Integrating Salesforce with Rest API To Accelerate the Sales Performance

Integrating Salesforce with Rest API To Accelerate the Sales Performance

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Salesforce Lightening
Building an Application Programming Interface requires in-depth technical know-how of a wide range of web-based applications and their integration to make the platform user-friendly.

SPM Global Technologies offer Salesforce Lightning for different types and sizes of businesses to bring key communications and other facets of sales operations on a single platform. Integration – Rest API is a part of this specialized service offered to the clientele in a wide service territory.

Developing technology-driven solutions with excellence:

Technically, API Integration is about connecting two or more applications through their Application Programming Interface (API). Thus, the technologists create a user-friendly interface to let the apps talk to each other. API is a set of clearly defined communication methods between multiple software components.

Simply put, API serves as a shipping vessel for software. APIs for web services include to and from interactions known as requests and responses between applications. So, for Salesforce Lightning, an integration of most popular APIs, the Rest or Restful APIs is made through the expert developers.

The professional developers use APIs, that are the pre-written set of code to perform a particular operation on their website or application. Thus, through integration, it would be possible to gather data from various sources and present it on a single, easy to navigate platform.

This is a complex technical process involving various aspects. So, to execute Integration – Rest API, a high level of development expertise is quite essential. SPM Global Technologies deploys a fleet of thoroughly trained and experienced technologists to design and deploy integration solutions concerned with Salesforce Lightning.

Thus, there are many stages in the process of Integration – Rest API:

  • Understanding the current platform and the applications involved in sales operations of your existing set-up
  • Designing the right kind of integration solution considering the requirements
  • The execution of integration deploying the designed server-level solutions
  • Providing prompt technical support to resolve various technical issues after installation

Application InterfaceAbout the Working of APIs on Salesforce:

Implementing integration for Salesforce involves a basic concept. It is for seamless communication between your Salesforce CRM and another app for transferring important data. Here, another app maybe your product or even any other software application you use for your business.

REST APIs are lightweight and that is the reason, they are practically feasible on mobile applications. There are some other types of APIs concerned with Salesforce as well. Yet, using REST APIs would provide you with a great deal of freedom and ease in operations. You can achieve a lot of conveniences if you use REST to integrate Salesforce with another application.

It would be easy to get useful data like the customers’ contact details from another app to your Salesforce CRM. You need to perform the initial set-up and then the data gets automatically transformed to Salesforce CRM. Again, it is easy to use the data on your Salesforce CRM on other application.

It is possible to integrate your Salesforce CRM with other applications like your Accounts Software, Email Marketing Software, e-commerce application, delivery application, SaaS product, and any other industry-specific applications you use for your sales operations.

Benefits of Integration – Rest API:

You need to understand that API Integration is different from the AppExchange Solutions on Salesforce. Yet, Integration – Rest API offers a wide range of benefits such as:

  • This integration makes sales coordination and other sales-related operations seamless and swift in any size of an organization.
  • It is easy to move data between the two apps. So, you save on your valuable time, as you don’t need to manually type in the information in two different apps.
  • Integration – Rest API links your Salesforce CRM with the other apps you use in your organization. Thus, you can distribute the same information across multiple apps to reach the same set of people conveniently.
  • You can attain better coordination between your multiple business operations such as email communications, e-commerce, delivery logistics, accounts, and so on.
  • There would be the least chances of human errors as the data flows swiftly between your Salesforce CRM and other application after the initial set-up.
  • Your sales team can conveniently compile information from various sources within your company about a particular customer, client, or account.

It is wise to rely on a professional company that can deploy the best developers to execute this integration solution for your company. So, it would be a great move to collaborate with SPM Global Technologies for implementing Integration – Rest API.

Integration – Rest API for better performance of your sales team:

You would not only upgrade the system for your sales operations through Integration – Rest API but also help your sales team to perform even better. The members of your sales team can conveniently retrieve useful information about your clientele. Thus, they can channelize their efforts to retain your existing clients and widen your customer base as well.

Integration – Rest API adds the most significant information about your customers and allows your sales team to act at the right time. The follow-up calls after sending a promotional email are crucial to close the deal. If the salesperson would know when a particular customer has seen the email, they can contact when the customer would be much prepared to buy.ServiceNow Implementation

The Bottom Line:

SPM Global Technologies specializes in deploying a variety of IT Solutions including Integration – rest API. You can assign this task to this reputed solution provider and rest assured that the execution would be accomplished in a technically sound manner and in time.