Key Work Areas and Capabilities of BMC Remedyforce for Mid-Size Enterprises

Key Work Areas and Capabilities of BMC Remedyforce for Mid-Size Enterprisescosteffective remedyforce services

Are you looking for an IT service management solution? BMC Remedyforce is the right option in this regard, that will help you to easily scale and adapt to the requirements of mid-size enterprises. Created in Salesforce cloud, BMC Remedyforce lets you seamlessly combine the various IT operations as well as the cognitive capabilities for ensuring an efficient, secure and compliant business. If you choose BMC Remedyforce implementation services, you can automate the process of your service desk, thereby reducing the cost of support operations. Cost-effective Remedyforce services constitute to be a cloud-enabled service desk with easy interface for users matching the needs of various departments.


What is BMC Remedyforce?

BMC Remedyforce service providers offer Remedyforce solutions for incidents, problems, change, releases, knowledge, service asset configuration, fulfillment of requests and service categories. Implementing BMC Remedyforce services facilitate organizations to respond efficiently and quickly to circumstances, without upsetting business services and minimizing downtime. The IT service management solution lets you make changes in an organized way, reducing the risk to timely service delivery, aligning with your business purposes. BMC Remedyforce also helps in speedy response time, enhancing productivity through integrating the best practices of IT Infrastructure Library.

What are the primary work areas of BMC Remedyforce?

Let’s now check out the prime work areas of BMC Remedyforce:

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  • System administrators:

BMC Remedyforce consists of a tabbed application, with the Remedyforce Administration tab being the prime work area. One is able to get the access to all tabs by default. Since, BMC Remedyforce is developed on Salesforce platform, users are required to visit Salesforce administrative pages. You will get links to most pages from BMC Remedyforce Administration tab. Moreover, the Remedyforce Administration tab is segregated into tiles. Every tile group has similar configurations like for instance, ‘manage users tile’ containing links to all settings and configurations associated with users.

  • Staff members:

Besides default Home tab, other tabs offered to staff members include primary work areas like incidents, service requests, change requests, broadcasts, problems, releases and tasks. In the Report Salesforce tab, you are able to get out-of-the-box reports for staff members and the Dashboard Salesforce tab exhibits unique reports for staff members in the charts.

  • Remedyforce CMDB: In this tab, you are able to add or change associated information of configuration items.
  • Knowledge Articles: This tab lets you add and manage knowledge articles. You can easily publish a knowledge article, ensuring that your system administrator chooses Remedyforce Knowledge User check box for user details in BMC Remedyforce.
  • Remedyforce Workspaces: Using the BMC Remedyforce Workforce tab, you can add and manage clients along with the templates, change schedule, accounts, service outages, service level agreements, and request delineations.

What are the Capabilities of Helix BMC Remedyforce?

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Helix BMC Remedyforce capabilities are built on contemporary service management on Salesforce App Cloud.  This IT service management solution provides speed and flexibility to focus on business growth.

  • Self Service Catalog

This is an intuitive portal for the employees to resolve their issues. Users are able to submit new service requests, seek solutions to problems in a vast knowledge base, and view the status of earlier submitted occurrences. Individuals can also request new business services from the service catalog. They can automate the review and request approval for maximizing service quality and efficacy. It also encompasses access to self-service through mobile devices.

  • Knowledge Management

Knowledge management for BMC Remedyforce enables clients and agents to search and resolve issues related to common help desk with knowledge management procedure and best practices. Remedyforce service providers also help to reduce training requirements for new IT staff through knowledge management, saving time troubleshooting issues. This capability consists of publishing, reviewing, approval, and retirement practices for knowledge base articles accessible to constituents.

  • Service Level Management, Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

Several out-of-the-box and customized reports and dashboards offer an immediate visual display of key performance indicators through a wide array of process, performance, and workload measurements. They support constant service enhancement through actual and apt reporting.

  • Incident and Problem Management

This constitutes to be a best-practice technique for managing incidents, problems, service requests as well as tasks. Along with Smartviews, apt data for a record gets displayed in a visual set-up, making it easy to access related information for request fulfillment. You need to check the tasks that are open, pending, or closed for obtaining details about the record approval and other processes. The capability helps in enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing costs.

  • Configuration Management

Cohesive asset inventory upholds accurate asset information in configuration management database, providing visibility into the root cause and building an impact analysis. You can visualize configuration data, by virtue of relationships amongst configuration items, in a topographical view. As a result of which, you can detect collisions and make an impact analysis.

  • Asset Management

Remedyforce service providers also manage assets throughout their lifecycle by working in concert with configuration management database to distinguish and consolidate across overlapping disciplines.

  • Agentless Discovery & Client Management

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Cost-effective BMC Remedyforce services help you automate the population of the configuration management database through agentless discovery without any added cost. This facilitates agentless discovery, install agents and scanners on a device in your network. After that it scans your network, sending device information to the configuration management database. You can extend BMC Helix Client Management usage for getting remote control, patch management, deployment, reboot, and more.

  • Multiple Discovery of Cloud Data

You are also able to determine constituents, cloud cases, and integrate with BMC Helix Discovery.

  • Change & Release Management

Helix BMC Remedyforce capabilities also provide change management tracks, controls, and reports on the practice of IT change management, with workflow based requirements. This helps you reduce risk through the actual process implementation and approval automation. Further, release management helps to control the process of planning, scheduling, and control of the build, test, and deployment of releases of new functionality while shielding the integrity of prevailing services.

  • Mobile Applications for Information Technology & Business

Helix BMC Remedyforce also supports the requirements of Information Technology and business users on the go. Information Technology agents are able to perform tasks from their mobile device, leveraging Salesforce Mobile platforms. You can get complete sell-service functionality from any mobile device with BMC Remedyforce mobile application for the business.

  • Collaboration through Chatter & Chat

You are able to collaborate, resolve incidents, submit approvals, and crowd source information through a chatter post or through a chat session of Helix BMC Remedyforce.

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