Marimba Software- More than an Endpoint Solution for Client Management

Marimba Software- More than an Endpoint Solution for Client Management  Marimba Service Providers - SPM Global Technologies

Marimba is a secured and scalable endpoint management software designed to manage all the applications, user workspaces and connected devices through an integrated universal console irrespective to class of enterprise mobility. Marimba software provides all the support required to transfer and manage the data securely even through slower bandwidths that reduces the operational costs considerably. More than 20 years of innovations make Marimba a globally popular change and configuration management program for enterprises.

Marimba- A Comprehensive Solution to Manage the Changing Business Requirements:

Low cost Marimba(bladelogic client automation)

Marimba automates the discovery, provisioning, configuration, packaging, patching, and repairing of software (Patches, Applications, Operating systems, Content, Configurations) across the heterogeneous operating systems. The suite of products empowers the enterprises to re-provisioning, re-purposing, and updating IT resources to manage the ever-changing business requirements. The facility to track the usage and sate of software and hardware assets helps the businesses to improve the customer experience. Marimba empowered with Cloud technology is trusted for being the best affordable cloud-based client management solution. The enterprises, interested in Marimba implementation and to try it free, can ask for a free demo at Harman Marimba support.

Marimba- A Unified Dashboard Enriched Features And Functionalities:  

The continuous innovations with a commitment to offer the best values in a single product are continuously expanding the Marimba features list. Marimba desktop tuner also known as BBCA tuner brings in the centralized ability to act promptly on customer use-cases. Its features and functionalities make it an advanced client management solution that suits to all size businesses:

  1. Security & Patch Management:

BBCA Services at reasonable cost

The automated patch management greatly reduces security risks. A simplified automated patching process helps you achieve zero day patching for the commonly used OSs including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Marimba patch management has different interfaces like Patch Manager, Patch Service, Solaris Patch Source, Windows Patch Source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Patch Source, and Schema Manager etc. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • Server patching –Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, and Unix
  • Endpoints patching
  • Vulnerability management for endpoints and servers
  • 3rd party and custom patching
  1. Data and Operating System Management:

Marimba simplifies to managing data, applications, configurations, and user settings over all the operating platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux etc. Marimba OS Management implements policies to OS builds that make IT organizations more secure and effective. Operating system management has interfaced like Policy Service, Policy Manager, and Infrastructure Administrator. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • Data, settings, & application management
  • User state & driver management
  • OS provisioning
  • Connectors & Integrations
  • Virtual Appliances provision
  1. Software Management:

Marimba simplifies policy-based software distribution with license audits in a heterogeneous environment for a user, group of users or a machine or self-service work model. It works seamlessly even in a low bandwidth environment to reduce the costs. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • License management
  • Application control & auditing
  • ITSM connectors
  • Custom & 3rd party package distribution
  • Application lifecycle management
  1. Endpoint Management:

The integrated Marimba dashboard is designed to automate endpoint management pertaining to discover, deploy, update, provision, and troubleshoot all the endpoint devices within the organization. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • Automates compliance flexibly
  • Protects increasingly mobile workforce
  • Automates provisioning
  • Simple endpoint troubleshooting
  • Endpoint environments management
  1. Advanced Analytics With Monitoring And Real-Time Reporting:

Marimba provides a reliable Big Data support for data collection in any format from any source. The integrated dashboard simplifies log analytics, events monitoring, and advanced reporting. The salient features of this functionality are:

Cost effective bmc marimba implementation services

  • Tracks vulnerabilities to patches and servers
  • Provides real-time view to vulnerabilities
  • Consolidates vulnerability scanner data
  • Transforms advanced analytics into actionable information
  1. Embedded Device Management Powered By ‘Castanet’ Technology:

Marimba’s unified management framework allows remote monitoring, analyzing, managing, and configuring of connected devices; ‘Castanet’ technology makes it the best for effortless device management. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • Centrally defines and enforces device usage policies
  • Monitors and controls upload/download activities
  • Audits unwanted activities
  • Accounts peripheral device events to act proactively
  1. ITSM Integrations:

IT service management takes care of all the issues aligned to designing, managing, delivering, and continually improving the IT services for improved customer experience and profitability. Marimba takes care of this major contributory factor to the growth of organizations. The salient features of this functionality are:

  • Remedy-force connectors
  • Service-now connectors
  • Remedy connectors
  • Web services & Interfaces for seamless integration
  • Extensions & Plugins

Harman, the current Marimba service provider, provides Marimba in three formats – Marimba Client Management, Marimba Server Management, and Marimba Content Management. Marimba Server Content Management allows the IT department to centrally control the distribution and activation of content across the remote servers. Marimba Client & Server Management channels/App stores and self-service portals extend the mobility and ease of end-users. Dynamic UI, real-time reporting, mobility, Out-of-the-box ) licensing and auditing etc are other core features that make Marimba standout of the crowd with supremacy.

Why Marimba Must Be An Asset For Your Enterprise- Marimba Benefits:

Marimba Service Providers

Marimba delivers a competitive edge in the form of inexpensive BladeLogic client automation that reduces the costs and complexity of managing laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. By automating the delivery, installation, repair, removal, updating, and management of Marimba applications on all the connected devices, the enterprises improve service standards with an added sense of security against virus attacks and application downtime resulting in improved customer experience. The commonly experienced benefits of Marimba implementation are not limited just to:

  1. Almost 100% availability ensuring that you never miss an opportunity
  2. Ensures that all the connected devices are secure
  3. Optimizes policy-based software license management
  4. Makes informed decisions
  5. Allows to access all the devices remotely
  6. Automates inventory tracking to help for guided decisions
  7. Reduces exposure to vulnerabilities
  8. Reduces the hassle in managing IT assets
  9. Delivers actionable data-driven customized reports
  10. Centrally manages client assets
  11. Simplifies discovery, deployment & configuration of devices

How to Get Marimba – The Best-Featured Endpoint Management Solution:

Harman offers users’ friendly support model to help the users for hassle-free Marimba implementation. Just choose the best suitable out of on-premises, basic, advanced, and premium Marimba variant. Get registered and ask for a trial demo. A self-defining process leads you to successful Marimba implementation. Harman offers online training and 24×7 professional support services to assist you in everything from planning to product implementation.

Concluding Note:

Marimba is expanding its wings to cover innovative new features and functionalities being added to it regularly. Marimba features and functionalities cover the entire breadth of effective client management. Growing numbers of enterprises are approaching to Harman, the Marimba services provider, to get the required support for Marimba implementation so that they could minimize infrastructure costs/resources while managing all the connected devices securely in the particular environment; it certifies the technical excellence of Marimba trusted worldwide.


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