Marketing Cloud for Customized Digital Marketing Automation

Marketing Cloud for Customized Digital Marketing Automation

Marketing is always the backbone of any business. Whatever might be the size and nature of your business, adopting Automation and CRM Solutions like Marketing Cloud would be the burning need. It is clever to get technology-driven solutions to cope up with the growing needs of the market. It is also vital to get the complete statistics of your marketing efforts and communication.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the leading solution for automation of your digital marketing, analytics and much more. SPM Global Technologies represents this global brand in a wide service territory to design and deploy Marketing Cloud Solution in a customized manner as per the business-specific requirements.

Why you need Digital Marketing Automation?

As your target audience searches for solutions to their issues through online sources, it becomes highly essential to develop your online presence. Additionally, you need to make the most effective use of social media platforms, blogs, and so on to spread a word about your brand.

So, naturally, implementing Digital Marketing Methods with a multi-dimensional approach would be a part of your routine execution of sales and marketing policies. Now, there needs to be a trusted platform to gauge the success of a variety of marketing campaigns you carry out including;

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Enquiries through your homepage
  • Video Marketing and much more.

Salesforce Lighting by SPM Global technologies comes into play at this point. Then again, Marketing Cloud also brings various resources connected to sales and marketing together. You would get a solution to get your sales, marketing, commerce, apps, integration, after-sales service, success through conversions, analytics, and employee experiences on one platform seamlessly.

In this way, deploying Marketing Cloud becomes essential to gauge the success of your digital marketing strategies and to understand where you stand. You can consult with our experts to know more about the technicalities in this process.

How do we deploy Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Lightning is among the major services offered by SPM Global Technologies. We ensure that the most knowledgeable and experienced technologists would be on the job when it comes to designing and deploying Marketing Cloud Solutions for our clientele. We have already worked with many esteemed clients in different sectors and they are more than satisfied with our solutions.

Designing customized Marketing Cloud Solutions and deploying them without disturbing your current IT infrastructure requires in-depth technical knowledge. We take this challenge and implement Salesforce Lightning following some crucial steps:

·         Analyzing your overall requirement:

Our team of experts discusses your requirements and also analyses the nature of your business in the initial stage. This step helps in narrowing down the actual need and understanding the pain points. This diagnosis also derives the kind of Marketing Cloud platform you need balancing with your budgetary constraints.

·         Mapping the entire process:

Understanding your current scenario of executing sales campaigns and analyzing the possibilities to match the use of Marketing Cloud would be a crucial step. So, your employees would not need additional technical training to use the platform. Proper mapping of the process helps to develop an automated workflow that integrates your current working style making it more result-oriented.

·         Performing Gap Analysis:

Analyzing the difference between your current performance and the expected performance is also a critical step at this stage of the project. We help you to boost your sales performance by adopting the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. At this stage, our experts try to tackle difficulties in your current process. We also consider the apps and software solutions your team currently uses.

·         Setup & Configuration:

Our experts would setup and configure Marketing Cloud Solution on your server or at the desktop level as per your preferences. We are specialized in Salesforce Lightning and many of our clients have already been benefitted through this solution.

·         Customization as per your requirements:

We emphasize making Marketing Cloud platform complementing to your operational needs and aspirations. Our experts are technically well-versed in making the platform adaptable to your business. Thus, you can continue using this ultimate solution to further enhance your digital marketing endeavours.

·         Deploying Marketing Cloud:

Installation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your server is a technically challenging task. Our experts do it examining the technical aspects of the server to let the application work effectively. SPM Global Technologies has the technical expertise to accomplish these deployments in the best possible ways.

·         Prompt Technical Support:

You would never be left alone after the deployment of Marketing Cloud for your business. Our technical support team would be just a call away to resolve any level of technical difficulties. We would try to solve your application-related issues through phone calls and if required, we would assign the task to our service team.
We follow the best industrial practices in every step of every project. As our protocol is fool-proof, we ensure the problem-free working of the applications we deploy. So, it would be a wise decision to assign the task of deploying customized Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions to us.

The Bottom Line:

Adopting Digital Marketing Automation would accelerate your sales efforts and bring consistent profits to your business for sure. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your business would climb the ladder of success through faster order placements and prompt communication with the customers.
Your business would get the additional capacity to tackle more prospects, close more deals, and achieve more profit by adopting this phenomenal tool for automating your digital marketing workflow.