Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutionsremote monitoring solutions by SPM Global Technologies

What is a remote monitoring system? By definition, it is a networked system that allows you to manage devices from a remote location.

Remote monitoring is nowadays frequently being used to implement secure and real-time monitoring of a company’s physical infrastructure. If accurately employed, remote monitoring services can serve as a valuable IT management tool at a fraction of the maintenance cost.

By deploying remote monitoring solutions at your sites, you will now have the visibility you need to monitor and control your network. Also, you will be able to respond to network problems and fix them before they cause serious damage.

Essential Remote Monitoring System Features

If you want the best remote monitoring system, then you will want to look at these essential features:

  1.  Live analogue monitoring: Without the right analogue sensor technology, you can’t monitor critical environmental conditions.
  2.  Multiple alert methods: Monitoring systems that only provide internal alerts do not give you any versatility. Support for 24/7 alert capability is critical.
  3.  Easy setup and configuration: A good monitoring system would not require excess training to use. It will not create confusion for your employees when they try to manage alarms.
  4.  Backup data transport: Do not rely solely on your primary network to report alarms. If there are any problems with your data transport, you will lose the critical visibility of your remote sites.
  5. Reliable hardware: The last piece of equipment to fail should be your remote monitoring system. You cannot afford to leave your network’s security in the hands of cheaply built equipment that is not ready for the job.


Remote monitoring services offer the following solutions:

  1.   Application Monitoring: The remote application monitoring services are suitable for diverse platforms and the remote monitoring service providers ensure your applications not only operate properly but also deliver a superior end-user experience.
  2.   NOC Network Monitoring: Various remote monitoring service providers help to monitor all your network devices with the help of trained network administrators and operators. They understand that proper network maintenance in an IT environment requires actively monitoring and filtering thousands of network alerts, troubleshooting problems, and finally fixing them as soon as possible.
  3.   Website Monitoring: A poorly performing website or one which suddenly becomes unavailable or goes offline can harm your business, especially if an online presence is critical for your business to perform well. Remote website monitoring services are ideal if you require a remote monitoring service provider who not only alerts you regarding your website’s performance at regular intervals but also takes necessary steps to ensure your website is always up and running.
  4.   Server Monitoring: Remote server monitoring service providers help to effortlessly maintain and diagnose your virtual, physical and even hybrid cloud server infrastructures while ensuring increased server uptime and reliability.

Benefits of using Remote Monitoring Solutions

costeffective remote monitoring

  • remote monitoring solutions at low cost

    A simplistic, single location remote monitoring system for maintaining IT infrastructure, presenting user support, conducting routine upgrades, etc. without any dispute.

  • Elevated security with the aid of continuous backdoor patching, frequent updates for software and websites, foolproof server maintenance and remote backups whenever required.
  • Increased productivity and diminished downtimes especially for organizations established at multiple locations by equipping dedicated, centralized support for all your requirements.
  • Highly scalable practices assurance o push ahead with rapid IT deployment, wherever you are.
  • Advanced employee and customer communication owing to stable and well managed IT infrastructure.
  • Tried and tested processes that guarantee highly cost-effective business practices while cutting IT costs.
  • 24/7 support from extremely trained and experienced remote monitoring service providers.


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