Salesforce Communities Using Salesforce Lightning for Business Branding

Salesforce Communities Using Salesforce Lightning for Business Branding

cost effective salesforce community services Communities are a great platform for sharing information & collaborating with people who are the key support to your business processes, like clients, associates, or employees. Be it a portal, forum, support site, HR central, or anything else, an online community helps to connect with the important people in life. Salesforce communities are using easy point-and-click branding tools with evolving Lightning templates or seeking Visualforce for creating exclusive space collaboration.

Why Create Multiple Communities?

Now, what’s the need for creating multiple communities within an organization? A person can build several communities within an organization for varied reasons. For instance, a community for customer support helps to reduce support costs. In contrast, channel sales community facilities in dealing with partner deal support. Further, a community can be created for addressing an upcoming event.

Be it a Lightning community or a Salesforce Tabs & Visualforce community,  one can build a brand with landing or marketing pages, as well as customized pages accessed by community members. So which is the best alternative in this regard? Well, it depends to a great extent on your organizational skills.

Salesforce Community Cloud constitutes to be an online social platform for businesses to create branded sites for collaborating with clients, employees, and partners. The stage delivers the records and data needed for accomplishing their work efficiently.

What are the Uses of Lightning Communities?

The lightning community is created based on a pre-configured template, applying brand, editing pages, updating the template, and publishing all changes from a single user-friendly interface.

Low cost Salesforce community cloud servicesThe Lightning communities facilities the following activities:

  • Building the portal or community, as per your need, using templates like Customer Service, Partner Central, Customer Account Portal and Help Center.
  • Enjoying Lightning extensibility through new pages, navigation items, customized layouts, components, and access to the AppExchange.
  • Designing pixel-perfect, branded pages through your CSS styles, by controlling the look and feel of the community with a custom-made theme layout & components.
  • Creating public pages to be accessed by anyone, or adding private pages demanding users to log in.
  • Iterating quick drag-and-drop reusable page components
  • Using ready-made forms for making web-to-lead forms or collecting customer feedback.
  • Producing data-driven pages, like product catalogs or other listings, using organization’s data
  • Facilitating multilingual capabilities through Translation Workbench & Experience Builder.
  • Reusing Visualforce pages, buttons, links, actions and canvas apps in Lightning communities.
  • Exporting industry-specific solutions and using them for starting new communities, or package and distributing them for others through Lightning Bolt solutions

What is the essence of Salesforce Lightning Technology?

The technique of Salesforce Lightning embraces a new-fangled understanding, structure, and environment, facilitating easy creation of responsive applications on any device. Lightning Experience is the name of the desktop user experience for internal Salesforce users.

Salesforce Lightning includes these technologies:

  • A framework of Lightning Component, which provides a UI development framework accelerating development & app performance.
  • The Lightning App Builder helps you to create Lightning pages visually, without any code, using standard & bespoke Lightning components. One can build Lightning components available in the Lightning App Builder. As a result of which administrators can form custom user interfaces without code.
  • The Experience Builder is similar to the Lightning App Builder, excepting that it’s used to design & build communities through Lightning components. Similar to the Lightning App Builder, standard or custom-built components can be used so that administrators can make community pages with point-and-click customization.

Some of the Salesforce products created with the Lightning framework comprise of Lightning Experience, the Salesforce mobile app, and numerous Lightning-based community templates (such as Customer Service, Partner Central & Aloha) as well as Lightning Bolt Solutions.

How is the Lightening framework used in Salesforce Communities?

Lightning communities & Lightning Experience use fundamental Lightning framework technology, but it isn’t essential to facilitate Lightning Experience for using Lightning communities. You should think of it differently. For instance, if you have a dishwasher and a washing machine at your home, can you turn one without the other? Well, the answer will be yes, as they have certain common stuffs. They both require electricity to operate and have the word “wash” with their names, though they operate independently of one another.

How to build a lightning community in Salesforce?

To create a basic Community in Salesforce:

  • Enter Communities in the Quick Find box from the setup and then choose Communities Settings.
  • Next, you have to select Enable communities.
  • Enter a name to be used as your domain name & click on ‘Check Availability’. Remember that you will not be able to change the domain name after saving it.
  • Click on Save, and click OK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) while using Lightning Component Community TemplatesSalesforce Communities services at feasible cost

  • Should I first seek Lightning Experience in my internal organization for using Lightning communities?

You don’t have to enable Lightning Experience for using Lightning communities, like Client Solution, Partner Central, & Lightning Bolt Services. Lightning communities utilize the fundamental technique as Lightning Experience but are independent of one another.

  • While turning on Lightning Experience in my internal organization, can I use the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template for a community?

Yes! Turning on Lightning Experience for internal users doesn’t have any impact on what template you will use in external-facing communities. Building a community is like creating a website. You can create it with the Lightning framework, Visualforce as well as the Lightning Platform. The UI (user interface) empowered feature in internal Salesforce organization doesn’t make any difference to what UI technology you will use for your community.

  • Can I empower Lightning Experience for my Salesforce Tabs & Visualforce communities?

A Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community uses Visualforce and the Lightning Platform technology under the hood. There’s no key in a Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community that lets you switch to Lightning technology.  Pay heed to the fact that Lightning Experience is a user experience for internal Salesforce users.

Want a community with the Lightning look & feel? Create a community with a template using Lightning technology. To know more about moving into the Salesforce Community Cloud platform & Salesforce Lightning for your business branding, consult one of the expert cloud hosting specialists of SPM Global Technologies at 9739380513 or