Salesforce Service Console- A Game Changer CRM Solution

Salesforce Service Console- A Game Changer CRM Solution

Service Console, a standard Salesforce Lightning app, is designed to transform the customer service by connecting to customers faster across multiple channels and devices. The amazing features empower it to meet your industry-best service standards and diverse needs. Survey reports state that Service Console improves customer satisfaction by 45%; the majority of businesses accept customer satisfaction as the biggest growth factor in a competitive marketplace.

 10 Benefits of Service Console in Salesforce Lightning:

low cost salesforce service console services Customer data storage in a single applicationService Console in Salesforce is designed to help you handle the previous, current, and would-be clients’ requests at least complicity and cost in the most effective way. It helps you retain the customers, and to improve the brand’s likability. Top ten Service Console benefits, commonly experienced by IT service businesses, include:

  1. Power of one console application that results in improved productivity of agents & increased ROI
  2. Intuitive design helps the agents to get the information faster
  3. Supports to stay tuned with the latest technologies and trends to improve customer service
  4. Robust analytics to assess the customers’ behavior for personalized customer service
  5. Social Customer Service functionality helps to respond to customers over social media channels
  6. Simplified customer service process ensuring no customer service request goes unheard
  7. Scheduling & routing the requests as per field workers’ program
  8. KPIs tracking for data-driven insights to make customer service cost-effective
  9. Intelligent self-service support through customer-preferred channels

8 Features that Make Service Console Game Changer for the Businesses:  

Enterprise storage management businesses (ESMBS) have already started pumping in enormous efforts to shape up their service modules to meet out the fast-changing customers’ behavior and new challenges from within the industry. Service Console is enriched with much needed advanced features to help the businesses deliver the best-in-class customer service at maximum ROI:cost effective salesforce service console

  1. Case Management: It keeps all the activities in service lifecycle including creation, assignment, reassignment, escalation, prioritization, and closure on the right track. It performs several tasks automatically according to the specified parameters.
  2. Omni-channel Routing: This Service Console feature automatically assigns the cases to the best skilled and capable agent according to the nature of the case. It tracks the real-time employees’ status ensuring that the high-priority tasks get priority. It supercharges your overall efficiency and performing speed to make the customers happy.
  3. Telephony Integration: It can be integrated with most of the CTI (Computer telephony integration) systems. It automatically logs the customer calls and manage the calls within the console database. Telephony Integration feature of Service Console is highly effective to reduce the agent’s call handling times for a faster response to customer calls.
  4. Workflows & Approvals: Salesforce Service Cloud is designed with Workflow features that automate the customer service approval process. Automated internal and external procedures and processes save time to speed up the responses resulting in improved agents’ productivity.
  5. Custom Reports & Dashboards: This feature empowers you to make data-driven informed decisions. The real-time reports give you a 360-degree view of customers’ needs.
  6. Social Customer Service: The customers use multiple social media channels to communicate with service providers. Service Cloud console helps you to monitor and respond promptly to the posts on different social media channels.
  7. Service Wave Analytics: It helps the Salesforce service managers for remote case management, agent efficiency check and channel optimization.
  8. SOS: SOS, an extremely advanced mobile support solution, is integrated into Omni-Channel that is called Service Console’s routing engine. It supports the agents to access cases, customer information, and account records quickly during video calls. SOS feature supports native/hybrid apps, IOS / Android systems, LTE/4G /Wifi, session recording and field masking etc.

Salesforce Sales console VS Service Console: 

Service Console service Providers Salesforce Sales console and Salesforce Service Console both address five similar areas to drive in improvements- Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, and Cases; it often confuses the Salesforce users for choosing the best suitable for them. When it comes to select between Salesforce Sales console and Service console, you should understand the difference between the specific features of both that you need to sell your products/services with a dependable support system. Salesforce Service Cloud Console has everything that Sales Cloud has plus additional service support-oriented features like-

  • Service Entitlements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Visual SLA Timelines
  • Add-On: Live Agent
  • Web-to-case
  • Live Messaging

Salesforce Service Console at feasible cost Salesforce Service Console is a performance booster for sales managers as it provides the insights to structure the competitive sales strategy and to manage it within a single-window system. Service Console is a power booster for customer service agents who need a dependable source of information to serve the customers in the best possible way.

Why You Need Salesforce Service Console To Remain In Race: 

According to a report that appeared at American Express, “More than 50% of Americans scrap buying decisions because of bad service impression”. Similarly, a research by NewVoiceMedia states that U.S. businesses lose almost $62 billion each year just because of poor customer experiences. Customer experience is emerging as the key differentiator for the growth, and by improving it, businesses can drive the benefits of customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction that make the leading brands succeed even in challenging environment. Salesforce Service Cloud is the #1 customer service app that empowers service agents with advanced tools.Salesforce CRM Service Providers