Applications Managed Services & Support

In any company’s IT ecosystem, applications are integral to its offerings. Most offerings are either bundled in applications or depend in some way or other on some form of applications / apps. As companies continue to grow, applications need to be scaled, additional features need to be added, bugs need to be fixed, performance needs to be enhanced, and continuous monitoring of health needs to be maintained. All these functions make up the Application Management ecosystem which is outsourced to boutique companies like SPM Global Technologies as Application Managed Services and Support.

Application Managed Services (AMS) is a bundled offering inclusive of application administration and application support for software applications and portal customisations, integrations and operations. All the software updates, patches, bug fixes, etc., are given to another company that manages end to end monitoring and maintenance of applications. Tasks include add-on activity for hours for new requirements to providing on-call support and offshore resources.

  • Core Service: 8*5 Application Support, 16*5, 24*5 & 25/7 Support
  • SLA Offered: Response 2 Hours, Response 1 Hour, Response P1 = 30 Mins, P2/P3/P4 = 1 Hour

  • Work Around: P1 4 Hours, P2 = 8 Hours, P3 = 3 Days, P4 = 5 days

  • Application Administration Requests: 1000 to 3000 Requests

Below are the applications that come under the purview of AMSS:

  1. Any kind of website, mobile application or software
  2. Custom application modules and process flows that work on passing data from one application to another
  3. BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC Smart IT, DWP, DPW-A, Smart Reporting, BMC TrueSight/TSOM
  4. ServiceNow

There are several advantages of AMS.

Companies engage AMS experts at SPM Global Technologies to avail of the following benefits:

  • To ensure the product is executed with stability
  • To ensure that the solution is continually reliable
  • To free up skilled resources and divert key resources on other business objectives
  • To optimise the investment companies make in ITSM products
  • To share total cost of ownership and reduce economic burden

Here’s why you should opt for our Application Managed Services and Support:

  1. Our clients have experienced an increase in user adoption by a huge 35% 
  2. Only through automation, we are proud to share that we have saved more than 1 million USD for each of our clients
  3. Our service availability is 100%

Offerings under Applications Managed Services & Support

Application Administration

Application Testing

Bug fixes and patch installations

User Acceptance Testing

Service related incident handling

Bulk data loading

Building requestable services

Managing app upgrades

Incident Management

Change / Release Management

Problem Management

Configuration Management

Performance Tuning

Integration Services and Support

Health Checks and Monitoring

Out of the Box (OOTB) Reporting

Upgrade Validation

Bulk Data Migration

Factory Services

Cognitive service extensions

Service catalog build & deployment

On Call Support

Continuous Service Improvement

Patch Management