Consulting & Advisory Services

Many a time, companies hire the best of resources for their ITSM, Implementation or Integration needs and yet, the project suffers because a bird’s eye view is missing.

We, at SPM Global Technologies, offer that bird’s eye view to your ITSM project. Having had years of experience in setting up implementation services, helping companies adopt to cloud, and integrate various legacy systems to cutting edge products, we hold the holistic view required for large projects to be delivered successfully.

By engaging us just before you embark upon your migration project, you ensure that all the processes and modules are executed with precision, considering the possible challenges that your IT ecosystem could throw up.

With our Consulting & Advisory services, companies can

Help their leadership teams and managers understand and define their problem statement and set of requirements accurately

Identify the right set of technological tools and solutions that fit specific business requirements and address problem statements unique to the business

Execute migration / integration / implementation projects under an experienced team with hand held guidance on a pre-defined roadmap

Address and build alternate routes to challenges by predicting them in advance, thus, avoiding reactive losses

Choose to avail or not avail the services of our team based on requirement analysis as a complement to the in-house team for faster results