BMC Smart IT

Would you like to enable your workforce with the next generation ITSM experience? Remedy coupled with Smart IT could be the perfect solution to enhance IT capabilities across various roles in your organization.

Positive changes brought to your businesses
Working on various projects and deliverables would be swift as this solution helps your team across different domains collaborate effectively, get access to knowledge database to adopt best ITSM practices, and use an intuitive, social, mobile-friendly platform.

By adopting BMC Remedy with Smart IT, your teams can create and view tickets, refer to knowledge enhancing articles, and update profile-related data in a simplified and faster manner. Switching to the latest version of BMC Smart IT gives your business wings to grow faster, improved productivity, and improved IT capabilities.

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BMC DWPC stands for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. This is an app store solution designed for various sizes of IT service enterprises. The app store solution is developed to be the focal point of your digital workplace.

BMC DWPC serves as the single admin dashboard. Interestingly, your IT team would be able to track, manage, and monitor wide-ranging hardware, software, and other services. The services would be accessible through any cloud-based or on-premise source.

The beauty of this multi-dimensional service catalog is its capability to integrate with various fulfillment systems and business apps. The centralized service catalog uses service connectors to integrate with a variety of fulfillment systems.

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BMC DWP is the short form for BMC Digital Workplace. It was previously known as BMC MyIT and BMC MyIT Service Broker.

The most important feature of this workflow automation tool for ITSM is its ‘people-centric approach to empower the users. However, there would never be any compromise with the process enforcement mechanism and effective governance.

Benefits of this solution to your IT service business
The management can seamlessly govern the people, the process, and the technology, enjoying the best consumer-like experiences. The tool is developed on an enterprise-grade infrastructure that prioritizes people and enables them to get hold of various domains and operations in their IT service enterprise effortlessly and swiftly.

The solution has a one-click user interface, and it is accessible on various browser-enabled devices based on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It comes with a built-in starter catalog to get the predefined service request definitions. It is practically possible to integrate this tool with enormous popular platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Atlassian JIRA, MS Office 365, and more.

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BMC DWPA stands for BMC Digital Workplace advanced. This solution has some enhanced and improved features compared to its earlier versions. In this solution, your organization gets better flexibility and makes your business operations more open to your users. Collaborating with an experienced BMC DWPA Third-Party Vendor, you can get the solution implemented faster.

How this solution brings flexibility to your service operations?
This solution offers an interface similar to social media channels. The users can raise service requests for your IT, HR, and other services using this fantastic ITSM tool. The administrators can create self-service features and design a customized service catalog to enable interactions for the users.

So, you can rebrand this solution and make it available to your clients as a communication platform. This exercise improves trust. It also adds to the level of flexibility as your clients can raise service requests with ease.

Then again, the administrators can create and configure self-service options within the organization. Your workforce can access valuable information on ITSM, set locations, and appointments.

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Remedy has been a trusted brand for delivering Action Request Systems, and now it is a part of the BMC Software. BMC MyIT is a well-designed ITSM solution. It has been developed to take the self-sufficiency of your IT service workforce to the next level. By adopting this solution, your team can resolve IT service issues individually, with their own devices.

How does the solution help to simplify your service operations?
Thus, BMC MyIT is the best way to create and manage a digital workforce across various departments of your IT Service enterprises. The solution adds flexibility to the process of attending to service requests.