Welcome to Jitterbit: Integration Made Easy

Welcome to Jitterbit: Integration Made Easy

API integration platform

What is Jitterbit?

Jitterbit is an integration platform offered through the Cloud. It is well known for its flexibility and capability. It is also named as the Swiss army knife of all the platforms. Jitterbit will provide full support for any kind of integrations. Once you decide to install this tool in your toolbox, there will be no need to change it. 

Functions of Jitterbit?

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Since Jitterbit is an integration platform, there are various expectations of their capability to perform ETL which stands for extract, transform, and load. Among all the features, Jitterbit will need the basics. The various features fo Jitterbit ETL will include:

  1. Transferring large data easily will be possible with high-performance parallel processing algorithms employed by Jitterbit. The algorithm is responsible for lessening the months to weeks and maybe days. 
  2. Jitterbit also employs tools such as reconstruction tools and data cleansing tools to reduce inconveniency in cleaning and altering data in various systems. 
  3. It has also become possible to get notified of any problems taking place during integrations as Jitterbit has created a dashboard and alerts. 

Jitterbit API customization

Jitterbit provides functionality to enhance API’s to fir nuanced use-cases for benign more efficient while API connection is stable and viable. It is also possible to build a new API using Jitterbit if your application just uses a database for storing data and you wish to access it. This functionality solves various issues that a normal ETl would ignore. 

Jitterbit EDI compliance

Cost-effective Jitterbit IntegrationJitterbit is well accomplished with EDI. This allows us to work with EDI partners and customers will not need to depend on On EDI by themselves. Jitterbit EDI has various features which can be mentioned as:

  1. Industry-standard connectivity options: Processing of any EDI documentation is possible, which also includes AS2 connectivity for real-time connectivity with your trading partners. 
  2. EDI data mapping: this helps to transform any EDI messages to or from any combination of XML, flat files, or databases. 
  3. Trading partner management- To enable EDI exchanges using standard EDI and eCommerce capabilities, you need to set up and manage trading partners. 
  4. Trading partner enablement: Deploying integration processes, and avoiding VAN dependencies use of Jitterbit is efficient. 

The combination of ETL, EDI, and API manipulation makes the best functionality and the only tool you will use for the data movement period. 

Introduction to Jitterbit Salesforce data loader

Jitter has its own functionalities in its harmony platform. Instead of using specialized integration templates and wizards, Jitterbit has released a data loader designed especially for salesforce users. Also, Jitterbit adds some features other than functionalities. 

  • Wizard bases graphical points and click configuration.
  • Insert, Update, Query, Delete, and bulk load. 
  • Automation, scheduling, and reusable operations. 

salesforce data loaderYou can use the Jitterbit data loader for free. Jitterbit cloud loader data easily and efficiently automates the import and export of Salesforce data. Also, Jitterbit is the only tool that supports all the editions of Salesforce including Group and professional. The data loader employs lightning-fast performance, easily usable, and the seamless upgradable path to enterprise product whenever you need more complex integrations in the near future. Integrating cloud data loader inspects 3 steps:

  1. Register on Jitterbit cloud
    • Connect to any of the files either in the database, local, or in the cloud. 
    • Built-in wizards will guide through the setup which includes Insert, update, query, delete, or any bulk operations. 
    • The Jitterbit AutoMapper will graphically map and transfer your data automatically matching similar fields and will save time and other resources.
  2. Deploying your project to Jitterbit cloud
    • Run your objects manually or with the schedule. 
    • Automatically backup cloud data. 
    • Transfer millions of data by using a high-performance Jitterbit integration platform. 
  3. Manage cloud operations
    • Able to manage operations from any device. 
    • Examine the progress of the operations and check results from the browser.
    • Receive the latest updates of the Jitterbit cloud data loader automatically. 

Once the process for salesforce integration gets complete including the connection of ERP applications and automatic business processes, your data loader projects will automatically get updated to the Jitterbit integration platform. Upgrading will benefit in various ways which include access to over 250 on-premise, cloud, endpoints, and also advanced features like operation workflow and real-time automation processes. 

What makes Jitterbit Special?

An ease availability of the Jitterbit tool creates the misconception that this tool does not contain many features, but this possess unbiased illusions. Jitterbit data loader is loaded with small and useful features. Among them some of the features are mentioned here:jitterbit data loader support provider

  • The database management wizard is a point-and-click graphical. 
  • Accessible features of Insert, Delete, Query, and bulk loader. 
  • Scheduled automation of operations and reusing of queries.
  • Connectivity with almost all data files including JDBC and ODBC databases. 
  • Connectivity with all kinds of salesforce accounts including group and professional edition. 
  • Automatically backups data to Jitterbit Cloud. 
  • The advanced point-to-click mapping feature
  • Supports advanced third party integration APIs.