Why & How to Embrace Mainframe Technology for Bulk Data Processing- A Roadmap

Why & How to Embrace Mainframe Technology for Bulk Data Processing- A Roadmap

mainframe services The increasing numbers of organizations worldwide rely on Mainframe technology applications to ensure seamless data security for bulk data processing. Despite having a stigma of being an old technology introduced first in 1950, Mainframe is still highly competitive to other modern age technologies because of continuous innovation and updates. Because of its time-tested strengths, Mainframe is widely used by IT organizations to host the mission-critical most important data applications. Who uses Mainframe? Mainframes remain a must-have for the number of major industries in diverse business sectors including banking, finance, insurance, utilities, health care, government, aviation, public/private enterprises etc.

Mainframe Applications – For What Businesses Use Mainframe:

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  • To perform volumetric data transactions processing at fast speed
  • To support thousands of application programs and users concurrently with access to numerous resources
  • To manage volumetric data securely in databases
  • To handle communication over a large-bandwidth

Ten Advantages of Mainframes- The Future of Mainframe Technology:  

Mainframes are an essential part of enterprise infrastructure for the number of big brands in diverse sectors. Mainframes are going to be more flexible and faster. The modern age Mainframes are being designed to manage powerful computing solutions with an edge over conventional cloud technology. Easy integration also drives Mainframe’s popularity. So far, Mainframes have kept pace to adapt the latest technologies like Docker and continuous delivery. The support for multiple operating systems like Linux and z/OS makes Mainframes highly adaptive for the industries. Following are the 10 advantages of Mainframes that make them a favorite choice, today and for the decades to come, for bulk data storage and management with next-generation security protection:

  1. Scalability
  2. Centralized data hub with customized access control
  3. Flexible infrastructure for virtualized environments – cloud and hybrid
  4. Support for industry-specific compliance
  5. Security with a view across enterprise
  6. Easy migration
  7. Consolidated workloads to provide the required isolation between the virtual systems
  8. Reduced licensing fees
  9. Reduced cost of ownership
  10. Resiliency for availability, recoverability, security, reliability, performance, integrity

Requirements for Mainframe Installation:Mainframe trainings at feasible cost

Based on a 64-bit z/Architecture, Z/OS is a widely used operating system for Mainframe; it is designed to provide a secure, stable, and consistently available environment for all the applications running on Mainframe. Z/OS is specially designed for z/Architecture mainframe computers like IBM’s zEnterprise 196 and zEnterprise 114.

The programming languages, you need to know for Mainframe installation are JCL ((JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE), COBOL, PLI, ASSEMBLER, or EASYTRIEVE. The experience in DBL (Data Business Language) is a must. The experience and expertise in using VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) is also required for file storage in Z/OS. The perfection for online programming with CICS (CUSTOMER INFORMATION CONTROL SYSTEM), and IMS DC (DATA COMMUNICATION) is also needed. The hardware requirement is Z-SERIES (64 BIT processor). IBM Mainframe installation needs specialization in using different built-in tools:

  • File Management Tools: INSYNC, DITTO and FILE AID
  • Debugging Tools: XPEDITER, STROBE MASTER:
  • Scheduling Tools: JOBTRAC
  • Report Tools: INFOPAC
  • File Transfer Tools: CONNECT DIRECT
  • Configuration Management Tools: PANVALET, CHANGEMAN, ELIPS, are ENDEAVOR

Future Scope of Mainframe Professionals:

The growth potential of a career in mainframe technology is as bright as it used to be before the emergence of JAVA/ORACLE. The industries using heavy transnational applications still rely on Mainframe as the best option. The cloud wouldn’t replace mainframes; industries will need Mainframe to churn the more volumetric data coming from different devices for different purposes. Mainframes are being used to handle more than 30 billion business transactions every day; even, 55 % of all the enterprise transactions are performed through Mainframe technology. Critical IT operations in many industries can’t be as effective and successful without Mainframe technology integration as these should be.

Mainframe qualification has become additional vital in the data-driven world. Mainframe technology is being adapted worldwide to have large information servers offering cloud applications. Mainframe developers generally earn a median payment of $90,000. By incorporating Watson machine learning technology into z15 class processors, IBM Mainframes are going to become a vital player in AI/ML revolution. Compuware report states that almost 25% of the global mainframe programmers are on the verge of retirement; therefore, a large skills gap is being predicted in near future. Mainframe certified qualification makes you a competitive candidate for the job roles of:

  • Mainframe system programmers
  • Mainframe system operators
  • Mainframe application designers & programmers
  • Mainframe system directors
  • Mainframe management analysts

Mainframe training at low cost
Instructor-led Mainframe Training in Virtual Mode:

The numbers of IBM channel partners conduct virtual online Mainframe training. The eligibility for Mainframe certification training includes the experience of completing VSAM, CICS and ISPF projects with exposure to z/OS. Experience with Mainframe is a great help; though, it is not a must have eligibility. What do you learn at Mainframe training? Mainframe online training is designed to deliver you hands-on expertise in COBOL, TSO/ISPF, Unix, JCL, VSAM, and CICS. During the instructor-led Mainframe training, you learn Mainframe Technologies, connecting to Mainframe, create datasets and perform operations on Mainframe, advanced TSO/ISPF commands, application programming etc. During the project-oriented Mainframe training, you learn mainframe datasets, copy commands, basic dataset commands, exclude commands, PDS commands, move commands, ISPF utilities, advanced utilities etc. What is the future scope for certified Mainframe professionals? Professionals looking to build up a high potential career as Mainframe programmer or Mainframe admin in the banking & financial services industry and fast growing retail industry are the best candidates for this training. Post the Mainframe training, you will be a certified expert for SDLC design & development, unit testing, and system integrated testing applications. Bank of America, Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini, Citibank, TCS etc are the top recruiters of certified Mainframe professionals.

Objective-Oriented Mainframe Support Services:

Mainframe continues to be an integral part of data-processing and management strategy. The abilities of Mainframe services provider decide your success. SPM Global Technologies, one of top ITSM services providers, provides comprehensive Mainframe service support for the organizations facing a shortage of in-house Mainframe skills for the particular tasks. The end to end services for seamless Mainframe management include:Mainframe training and support services

  • Mainframe Consulting Services: For migration, modernization, mainframe re-hosting, Cloud implementation, SOA implementation, and product development etc.
  • Mainframe Migration Services: To lower the risks and cost of migrating Mainframe applications, databases, platforms, and languages.
  • Mainframe Modernization Services: To customize Mainframe applications for the particular IT environment
  • Mainframe Cloud Implementation Services: To implement virtualization in Mainframe to reduce TCO, and to integrate Mainframe applications with public/private cloud infrastructure
  • Mainframe Re-hosting Services: For re-hosting the applications to Windows, Linux or Unix environments away from Mainframe that result in a significant reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Mainframe applications.

The tailor-made Mainframe services address the prime concerns for improved ROI and reduced TCO. Mainframe service support reduces unplanned outages and people dependency. The quick responsiveness of Mainframe support professionals to ever-changing business conditions improves the operational excellence of businesses.

The organizations having in-house certified Mainframe trained experts also need to outsource Mainframe support services to fill the gap in expertise, experience, and exposure to the latest developments. SPM Global Technologies, the leading ITSM specialist agency, provides competitively priced online Mainframe training and task-specific Mainframe support services assuring multiple competitive advantages.