Why Seek ManageEngine Service Desk?

Why Seek ManageEngine Service Desk?ManageEngine Service Provider

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus constitutes to be a comprehensive help desk and asset management software application. It facilitates help desk agents as well as IT managers in obtaining integrated support for IT asset monitoring and maintenance. Advanced ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus applications provide web-based full-fledged ITSM (Information technology service management) suite developed actually for managed service providers. The one-stop-shop ITSM solution delivers a detailed help desk, manageengine service desk, account and asset management, remote control, and reporting in a multi-tenant architecture with robust segregation of data. Manageengine endows service providers to get multiple customer support through centralized controls. Today, manageengineservicedesk plus cloud brings a scheduler for importing users from Azure Active Directory and retaining information periodically. Besides, manageengine desktop central provides unified endpoint management (UEM) for managing servers, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones from a central point.

costeffective manageengine servicesWhat are the essential skills for a manageengine application manager?

In order to become a good manageengine application manager or, a service desk manager, one should have the skills for establishing a cohesive team for managing people in an effective way. The coach must have a thorough understanding of the strategic vision for ManageEngine service desk as well as the capability to develop the team, setting up long-term goals.



Responsibilities of manageengine service desk application manager:

Manage engine service desk standards set up by the application managers include:

  • Detecting & analyzing issues and problem areas
  • Classifying and recording reported queries, providing solutions
  • Supporting problem identification
  • Advising users on an appropriate course of action
  • Monitoring concerns from the very start to resolution
  • Accelerate unresolved problems to an advanced level of support


What are the Features of ManageEngine ServiceDesk?

There are several features of the applications that help the IT managers get costeffective manageengine servicedesk solutions. Some of the facets include:

  • Change Management – Using the Change Management feature in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, changes get implemented in a controlled and structured manner, moderating the impact in a systematic approach. The technique of change management goes through a comprehensive approval cycle in accordance with the type of changes.
  • Automatic Billing System  – Automated billing feature in ManageEngine service desk plus facilitates managed services business model through accurate billing for manifold accounts. As a result of which, one doesn’t have to deal with various tools and can manually track bill for services rendered.
  • IT Project Management – Manageengine servicedesk plus cloud forms a perfectly integrated solution, blending IT Help Desk with Project Management. This enables forming the structure of the projects, teams and workflows regardless of the project size.
  • Agent based scan – Information Technology managers can also deploy agents on assets and can scan asset information with ManageEngine service desk plus. Agents are able to scan changes in assets at periodic intervals and can push changes to ServiceDesk Plus. Further, the agents can make remote desktop connections immediately.
  • Technician Auto Assign – Another feature of costeffective manageengine servicedesk application is reducing the load on helpdesk coordinator and assigning incoming tickets in an automated way. The auto-assign function assigns tickets to technicians automatically as per their availability and accessibility to tickets.
  • Service Catalog – This feature showcases the Information Technology services provided to users from different accounts. Service Catalog enhances the operational efficacy of helpdesk technicians through service delivery process management starting from the time of approval to fulfillment.
  • Account Management – ManageEngine servicedesk facilitates multiple clients and accounts through account management feature. This feature is used in a single application, allowing users to access their particular accounts. Some of the facets include Reports, Configure Account Specific Automations, Knowledge base, Assets and many more.ManageEngine Serviceproviders
  • Asset Management – This feature of ManageEngine servicedesk facilitates in managing and controlling IT and Non-IT assets of clients remotely and transparently. Asset Management Modules are specially formed for IT Managed Service Providers.
  • Incident Management – An incident constitutes an event causing a break or a drip in the service quality. The purpose of Incident Management is to restore normal operations quickly with the least impact on business or user.
  • Problem Management – The problem management feature of ManageEngine servicedesk helps to mitigate adverse impacts triggered by incidents and evades the recurrence of problems pertaining to incidents. The key focus on problem management makes the root cause analysis and elimination of the problems. This tool also facilitates multiple incident management, spinning around a solitary problem easily.
  • CMDB – Configuration Management Database feature helps to make an easy-to-use and solid configuration management database. This helps to track and manage the whole Information Technology assets through the project lifecycle. Consequently, several organizations are increasingly adopting a CMDB.
  • Service Level Agreement – Through this feature, one can meet their customer expectation and obtain high level client satisfaction by providing quality and timely services to clients.
  • Integrated Remote Control – Another feature of ManageEngine Service Desk is integrated remote control. This helps to avoid round trips to the desktop physically for detecting and resolving problems. Remote Desktop Control Solution helps you gain access to computers easily.
  • Report Generation – The facet of report generation provides visibility and control over client accounts using a wide array of reporting options.  ManageEngine Service Desk gives you over 100 Canned Reports, flexible Custom Reports and Flash Reports that are easy to view.ManageEngine servicedesk at reasonable cost
  • Purchase & Contract Management – If you want to know what you have purchased for every account along with the expense and associate them straight to CMDB (Configuration Management Database), Purchase and Contract Management Module could be the right alternative for you. You can set alert notifications regarding the contract expiry.
  • Mobile Application for iPhone –  ManageEngine servicedesk also has the feature of the mobile application for iPhone. This helps to execute your desk around and stay on top of IT services with SDP MSP mobile applications for iPhone.
  • 360 Integrations – ManageEngine servicedesk also provides you powerful integrations with third-party applications for 360 IT management of clients. One can enhance help desk efficacy by managing client IT infrastructure in a single console.

To get a cost-effective manageengine servicedesk, get in touch with one of the best manageengine application managers and gain quick access to all key business and service desk metrics. Get rid of the hassle of complex queries with the ManageEngine service desk plus and obtain an accurately detailed log of the time spent in various activities. Manage your resource, field service and other IT management activities through manageengine servicedesk plus cloud and monitor your IT infrastructure in a robust way


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