Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies help businesses for prediction-based proactive planning to minimize the risks in different verticals and to improve quality service availability. SPM Global Technologies, a leading service support provider, has proven capabilities to help you leverage the benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Our strategically planned tailor-made AI and ML services help you have actionable insights to take critical decisions for improvement and innovate new products for having a competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies

Increasing Importance of Predictive Analytics with ML and AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Automated data visualization for predictive analytics has become a must-have ITSM support for businesses. Natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) like advanced capabilities are helping the businesses in different sectors like financial, healthcare, automotive, R&D, logistics, telecom, e-commerce, real estate etc to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Artificial Intelligence empowers machines to observe and analyze data for smart decision-making.

The cost, time-saving, unbiased decisions, fast proactive decision-making, minimum error, data security etc are key concerns for any business. Natural language understanding (NLU) and Computer Vision link the robots and humans to drive in automation of tasks addressing all the key concerns to perform with excellence. NLP helps machines to understand human speech and CV transforms ML models to images. According to Gartner’s report, “Almost 70% of people will be using conversational AI platforms by the end of 2022.

Eight Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration

AI implementation has become an integral part of IoT, Virtual reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) apps/devices management to accomplish all the critical tasks like product orientation, efficiency improvement, process flow enhancement, supply chain management, cognitive customer analytics etc. As being one of the top Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution provider, we at SPM Global Technologies have empowered the number of businesses to improve their management excellence, operations, on-the-time deliveries, customer engagement, and service quality by leveraging the benefits like

Enhanced customer relationship

Increased operational efficiency by
minimizing errors

Smarter decision making to minimize risks

Robotic process automation to reduce
repetitive tasks
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) integration
for more agility and data security
Improved customer experience by
interactive chatbots
Reliable Big data analytics for cost
optimization, efficiency improvement etc

Deep learning for feature engineering

What We Offer As Machine Learning Services Provider

Our future-ready machine learning services offer applications-aligned advanced algorithms to help businesses for solving complex business challenges, creating innovative operating models, and data-driven decision making, etc. The experienced Machine Learning specialists create customized applications by using technologies like computational intelligence, mathematical optimization, nature-inspired algorithms, pattern recognition etc. We help you explore growth possibilities based on insights driven by ML technology. The services, we offer as the best Machine Learning solutions provider, include

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Deep Learning solutions to improve capabilities for forecasting, decision-making, and other operations

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) integration

Predictive Analytics to identifying underlying patterns

Robotic process automation

Image Analytics to help you detect an attribute/ object in an image

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration

Video Analytics to help you identify & tag different entities in motion pictures/ video

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution provider

Natural Language Processing to create natural interactions with users as well as to identify key patterns

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider

Computer Vision to extract actionable relevant information from videos and images

Artificial Intelligence managed services

Data Science to find valuable insights for improving the product, services, supply chain, etc

What We Offer As Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider

Our expertise in both AI and ML helps us create the best solutions that your business needs to address the particular concerns for continuous improvement. As an Artificial Intelligence services company, SPM Global Technologies offers a range of the best-aligned AI solutions

Robotics Process Automation (RPA ) to complete and manage everyday tasks sparing more time for IT teams to focus on other valuable tasks

Chatbots development to interact with customers and to streamline transactions

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to interpret text and to perform relevant tasks like grammar checking, classification, translation, etc

Real-time Enterprise Operational Analytics for actionable management to improve collaboration and consumer engagement as well as to streamline & automate information management for better predictions

Cognitive Customer Analytics to improve personalized customer service and decision making based on predictions

Image Recognition and Visual Search to create pattern recognition and visual search apps for customer journey improvement

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics to provide an actionable data-oriented holistic view of performance, efficiency, resource management, etc

As being the best performing AI and ML support service providers, we offer a range of services to help you experience and enjoy the competitive advantages of AI & ML solutions up to their full potential in a hassle-free manner

Artificial Intelligence consulting services

AI powered
predictive proactive


Artificial Intelligence
managed services for

IoT Analytics

Data visualization

Optimizing customer
services for the
enhanced experience
with machine learning

Big Data
Analytics services

Our Approach for ML and AI Solution Structuring

As a leading ITSM services provider company, SPM Global Technologies has proved its capabilities to leverage ML/AI algorithms in line with current and would-be needs. We have the best pool of AI developers and ML experts to customize full suite of AI/ML services to plan, develop, integrate, configure, and manage AI- ML enabled business solutions based on the best suitable platform-

Google Machine Learning (Vertex AI, AI building blocks, AutoML, AI Infrastructure, Conversational AI etc)

  • Azure Machine Learning Studio (MLOps, Code SDKs, ML Pipeline, etc)
  • Amazon Machine Learning (SageMaker, SageMaker Ground Truth, Amazon Lex, AWS Inferentia, etc)

Our ML and AI experts explore your non-utilized data also to identify the valuable trends that otherwise goes waste because of manual practices. The customer-centric approach makes our ML and AI solutions and support services the industry best because we –

  • We collect data from the genuine sources to analyze it for the true-color understanding of your business needs
  • We refine and transform collected data to ensure its utility, value, relevance, etc
  • We create and train different service/solution models, test efficiencies, and continue to iterate until we get the planned accuracy
  • After being satisfied with evaluation reports, we go for the best suitable AI-ML deployment

Why Hire SPM As AI And Machine Learning Specialist Agency

We have an in-house panel of certified and experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professionals dedicated to deliver the best-in-class services.

Machine Learning solution provider

AI/ML team offers superior quality business solutions with rights reserved for you

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution provider

We ensure the highest ROI

Natural language processing

We offer 24/7 ticket-based maintenance support services

Machine Learning technologies

Years of experience in successfully delivering AI/ML projects to businesses in diverse sectors

Machine Learning Integration

We have proven expertise in multiple platforms

Deep Learning solutions

We extend comprehensive support to embrace Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies

We welcome you to discover growth possibilities by implementing customized Machine Learning and AI apps and turnkey solutions that will help you for intelligent decisions and proactive actions to be proficient in addressing ever-changing customer demands and business needs.