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Welcome to SPM Global Technologies- The Leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service Providers!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is features an enriched marketing automation platform that helps you improve customer engagement with fostered personalized experience. SPM Global Technologies as the top-performing Marketing Cloud Third Party Vendor and dependable Marketing Cloud consultant offer objective-oriented Marketing Cloud Support services.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Game Changer SaaS Platform:

Outsourcing Marketing Cloud managed services have become an increasing trend for businesses poised to grow by improving customer relationships and engagement. As being a prominent Marketing Cloud vendor, SPM Global Technologies adds more value to features & functionalities of SFMC that become a game-changer for the performance and growth rate of private and public sector businesses in automotive, communications, CPG/retail, financial services, healthcare, higher education, life sciences, manufacturing, media, non-profit activities trades operating on B2C and/or B2B models.

In the capacity of Marketing Cloud consultant or Salesforce marketing Cloud Service providers, we offer a purpose-oriented comprehensive range of on-site and virtual Salesforce trainings facilitating you to enrol for the best suitable and required Salesforce Marketing Cloud trainings that have become a must-have competitive advantage for-

  • Small to Medium Business (under 200 employees)
  • Commercial (200 to 999 employees)
  • Enterprise (1000+ employees)
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Features and Capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that We Customize:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the world’s leading marketing platform has excellent capabilities to support a range of marketing facets including-
  • Customer Journeys
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Execution
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Pre-Campaign Analytics
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Post-Campaign Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Audience Building
Marketing Cloud Third Party Vendor
Salesforce Marketing Social Studio

It is a comprehensive solution to schedule, create, monitor, and manage collaborative social media marketing efforts. The unified interface facilitates to organizing the social media posts by region, multiple teams, individuals, and brand.

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Salesforce Marketing Email Studio

It helps to use data and relevant information from different departments to create and design effective emails managed with an automated process like a Marketing Cloud Email specialist. It simplifies to target the intended and segmented audience that improves customer engagement. It helps to use intelligence to identify the right target audience and to send the relevant content.

Marketing Cloud Trainings
Salesforce Marketing Advertising Studio

It is a great help to build effective advertising campaigns by using data available in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. It empowers you to target audiences at their preferred social media platforms as well as to find new potential customers that behave like your existing customers.

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Salesforce MuleSoft Integration

It provides an integrated platform for connecting data, devices, and applications in on-premises and cloud environments. MuleSoft's Salesforce Connector allows you to access all Salesforce entities for automation of business processes to support the sales teams in increasing revenue and the customers better.

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Salesforce Einstein AI

This artificial intelligence technology powered by Einstein Vision gives Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud a comprehensive up-to-date view of sales prospects and potential customers. It also provides insights into the stage of a potential customer in buying cycle and the most preferred way to communicate.

Marketing Cloud Managed Services

Salesforce Marketing Pardot for B2B Marketing

Install Salesforce Pardot to increase leads and revenue. Salesforce Pardot unifies sales and marketing to generate better quality leads and to close the leads with a higher success rate. Automation with data-driven insights helps you capture B2B business opportunities.

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Salesforce Lightning Enablement Pack

It is a bundle of customizable templates and rollout resources that make the Lightning Experience transition successful. Great power for admin and user group leaders, it guides to train team members for Salesforce usage. Lightning Enablement Pack is a must-have capability to leverage the benefits of online Salesforce Marketing Cloud training.

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Salesforce Chatter for Enterprise Social Network

The world’s # 1 enterprise social collaboration software solution facilitates the employees to connect, share files, update, and collaborate for increased productivity and accelerated innovation. Working across organizational boundaries from any location becomes easier.

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Salesforce Marketing DMP Audience Studio

It facilitates to the creation of data profiles, identifying new insights, and accessing different data sources. Audience Studio, a data management platform, helps to foster customer relationships through personalized marketing tactics.

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Salesforce Productivity Tools to Improve Sales

Marketing Cloud implementation comes with the power of Conga Composer, SUMO, Dooly, and Quip-like sales productivity improvement tools. Improvement in collaborative efforts, improved sales team productivity, and better customer experiences, faster closing of leads, better conversion rate, etc are the key outcomes of the integration of Salesforce productivity tools.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

It connects digital marketing capabilities and efficiencies with segmentation, campaign management, and data management tools. It streamlines personalized data-driven conversations faster and automates customer journeys. The consistent messaging and branding experience through improved customer engagement in relevant conversation drive more leads.

Why Do You Need Marketing Cloud? What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud covers all the aspects of marketing whether it is B2B or B2C. Our Marketing Cloud managed services help you leverage the benefits of targeted personalized marketing for increased sales, revenue, and profits. Our industry best Marketing Cloud support Services help you have:

  • Knowledge of existing and potential customers
  • Objective-oriented customized artificial intelligence franchise effective communication
  • Improved experience in creating interest across the buying journey
  • Data-driven insights of the customer journey across different devices and channels
  • Pre-Campaign Analytics
Certified Technical Architect

What Do We Do as Marketing Cloud Third Party Vendor and Marketing Cloud Consultant?

SPM Global Technologies, named among the top Salesforce Marketing Cloud vendors, provides a range of support and services for Salesforce integration, implementation, usage, support, etc. Our strategic Salesforce Marketing Cloud support services help you adapt, evolve, and scale the customer journey rapidly in a fast-changing digital market space.

As being the leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud service providers with proven credibility, we help you send the right message at right time throughout the customers’ journey; this strategy generates more leads and converts more leads into sales.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation
  • Marketing Cloud Product Customization
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrations
  • Marketing Cloud Support & Maintenance
  • Pardot Customization & Automation
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting
  • Campaign Designing & Management
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Services

In addition to providing Salesforce managed services for the businesses, we offer customized instructor-led online Marketing Cloud training also that enable the marketing professionals to become-

  • Field Services Lightning Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Certified Salesforce Platform Developer
  • Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer
  • Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Social Specialist
  • Certified System Architect
  • Pardot Specialist
  • Certified Application Architect
  • Pardot Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the increasing numbers of Marketing Cloud customer in diverse business sectors certify the importance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration. It is more important than ever before to develop and foster real relationships with existing and potential customers. The improved experience of customer journey drives in more revenue and improves ROI because of increased leads generation, conversion rate, and faster closing of deals with lessen efforts.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a range of subscription plans facilitating you to choose the different products. You can switch the subscription according to varying needs. Our Marketing Cloud specialists will help you choose the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud plan.

Marketing Cloud provides a unified window to manage cross-channel content that strengthens your brand to deliver a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Marketing Cloud helps you use email, mobile, social platforms, advertisements, apps, or web content to tap the customers more effectively at right time in the right manner.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is more oriented to CRM while Salesforce Marketing Cloud is more oriented to marketing automation. Journey Builder, Email Studio and Salesforce DMP are the key features of Marketing Cloud. Sales Cloud is featured with contact management, opportunity management, lead management, reports /dashboards, mobile, and email integration.

During the self-paced learning training or instructor-led live training for Marketing Cloud certification, you learn to use all the features and functionalities to maximize the ROI of strategic marketing efforts. You come across hands-on practices for automation, journey builder, contact builder, and data design etc.

Yes. Google Analytics 360 can be integrated with Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you access advanced marketing solutions provided by Google Marketing Platform. Marketing Cloud helps you turn the data-driven insights gained with Google Analytics 360 into action.

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