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ServiceNow IT workflows – Optimize IT operations management with a cloud-based platform

IT task automation has been a boon to digital businesses. Likewise, ServiceNow IT process automation is a great benefit for skilled staff to eliminate repetitive administrative work. With IT workflows services you can collaborate IT, risk management and security on a single platform. You can deliver resilient services aligned with customer-centric priorities.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management delivers-

  • ITOM visibility
  • ITOM health
  • ITOM Optimization

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Why deploy ServiceNow IT Operations Management services from third-party vendors?

  • They help you get the best ITOM solutions to improve the efficiency of your operations
  • ServiceNow ITOM services make your deliverables with an easy approach
  • IT workflows integration with popular channels like skype, slack, and other bots gets simpler
  • Information sharing is at your fingertips with effective communication
  • Flexible ITSM solutions to boost your profits and IT capacity
  • You will be able to make quick and correct business decisions

We are one of the most reliable service providers with 10+ experienced professionals who help you with ITSM solutions, workflow automation tools and much more. Reach us for consultation and implementation of ServiceNow IT Workflows services.

  • Certified professional support to implement, integrate and upgrade ITSM services
  • Staff Training
  • Cost-effective
  • Support services 24/7

Event Management

Anomaly Detection in ServiceNow ITOM has a level of processing applied to specific CIs and metrics. It provides Anomaly Map Identification. The groups include gathering metrics only. It reflects upper and lower bounds displaying anomaly scores and the highest processing level creates IT alerts.

The enhanced event management application has capabilities that provide features like alert aggregation and root cause analysis. Additionally, the Operational Intelligence Module in ITOM health delivers features like choosing and configuring metrics to monitor, disabling event collection and creating configurations setting rules. With third-party IT workflow-managed services, organizations can avail anomaly detection to optimize their workflows efficiently and detect issues to avoid user impacts

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Next-Gen Probable Cause Analysis

The probable root cause analysis (RCA) offers a list of probable root causes for alerts. Further, the existing data help determine the root cause of an issue. ServiceNow ITOM’s single data model gives access to all data points and instant visibility into changes along with the context.

RCA considers three factors – Alerts, Configuration Item (CI) topology, and change requests on the CIs. It maps the alerts and change requests to the CIs and calculates the route cause score. And, the root cause score determines how RCA populates the probable root causes list. 

RCA helps the companies to identify the root causes with the context and helps eliminate the errors before alerts happen. You can achieve this solution from the ITSM service vendors.

Features of IT workflows

ServiceNow ITOM provides the scalability, security, and availability needed for mission-critical applications. It has features that will make IT operations job easier.

  • Data Ingestion

    ServiceNow ITOM’s event management application receives external events via integration or through scripts. While collecting events through scripts configuration is not needed. The integration with external systems can be initiated from an ITOM platform using a pull connector, or from an external system using a push mechanism. So, the organizations can handle the events in an easier way. It would be a difficult task to integrate the ServiceNow ITSM efficiently, but, don’t worry. You can find trusted professionals through the IT workflows service providers.

  • Deep ITSM Integration

    ServiceNow ITOM delivers a comprehensive set of ITOM capabilities that build on existing ServiceNow ITSM investments. In the latest release, the ServiceNow ITSM launched the Integration of a Cloud Call Center with workforce optimization for ITSM. It can smartly route incidents to the right support staff using Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, it can auto-update and close the ticket based on the incident status of the Security Operations module. With this feature, organizations can increase the efficiency of IT workflows and provide security operations services to their customers.

  • Open Integration

    The ServiceNow platform has over 800 integrations. The ITOM integrates with different monitoring tools and can ingest logs, alerts, metrics, topology, and telemetry. In the latest release, ServiceNow launched user-created integrations support for orchestration and test tools for DevOps. It has also made a few improvements to its Integration hub. With this ServiceNow ITOM feature companies gets remediation through different IT workflows.

  • Service-Centric Monitoring

    With the Service-Centric Monitoring feature, you can be facilitated to see the service impact of the infrastructure issues and changes. It offers endo-to-end discovery and service mapping which helps with an accurate, up-to-date CMBD view of IT Infrastructure and services. The resulting information is then used by other ServiceNow applications such as ITOM health, ITOM optimization, and Software Asset management.

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