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Big Data Strategy

Enhance Your Big Data Capabilities Through Assessment and Strategy

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Revolutionizing Your Data and Analytics Governance

  • 95%

    According to Webinarcare, 95% of businesses consider managing unstructured data challenging.

  • 97.2%

    More than 97% of businesses invest in big data and AI for better data storage, management, and governance.

  • US$274.3 Billion

    As per Statista, the Big Data market will reach the mark of US$274.3 Billion by 2022.

  • US$9.7 Million to US$14.7 Million

    Poor Data Quality costs businesses from around the world US$9.7 to US$14.7 Million every year!

  • We Help You Strategize

    SPM Global Technologies draws a big data strategy for your business by considering your business objectives and the upgrades you require.

  • Analytics for Better Outcomes

    We help you build well-designed data pipelines to streamline your data collection process, enabling effective transformation and leading to better data-driven analytics.

  • Migrate Your Big Data Smoothly

    We modernize your big data capabilities and help you implement data effectively through our Managed Big Data Services.

  • Effective Data Management

    We develop Enterprise Data Warehouseas per your needs and provide Integrated Solutions to enable end-to-end Data Flow Automation.

We Deploy the Best Teams for Your Big Data Projects


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Guiding Your Business to Adopt DevOps

Workflow automation to increase the pace of operations, adopting monitoring practices to assess work periodically, and a well-thought DevOps Roadmap for a streamlined adoption across various levels of your organization.

Our DevOps Technology Consulting Services and Solutions at A Glance

DevOps Integration and Implementation

SPM Global technologies provide technology consulting services to clients from across the world. We help our clients adopt best practices to combine software development (Dev) and their IT operations (Ops).

We partner with clients throughout their transformation journey by providing DevOps assessment, integration, implementation, testing, and DevOps pipeline.

DevOps Monitoring

Obstacles in Creating a Data-Driven Business

Big Data Strategy
Ensuring Compliance & Governance

Businesses need a well-thought strategy to ensure privacy for maintaining data integrity and following regulations enforced by the concerned authority.

Big Data Strategy Partner
Scalability of Data Solutions

To create a data-driven organization, you need to ensure the highest data performance and reliability as your users keep growing with time.

Determining the Best Tech Solutions

If your business targets to achieve objectives through data insights, you must adopt modern technology in big data analytics.

Why Your Business Must Be Data-Driven

Drawing data strategy for growth.jpg
Drawing Data Strategy for Growth

It is the burning need to strategize big data and relevant solutions to effectively manage crucial, mission-centric information.

Big Data Managed Services
Work Together Throughout the Data Lifecycle

It is essential to collaborate to manage data and adopt DataOps best practices for consistency and automation of data management.

Big Data Integration
Effective Decision-Making

Real-time data insights will help your business make perfect decisions at various stages.

Why Choose SPM Global Technologies as Your Big Data Strategy Partner

SPM Global technologies are globally recognized service providers for many technology-driven solutions, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Google Cloud. We build Big Data Solutions for our clients by leveraging our technical capabilities and expertise.

We offer a wide range of Big Data Managed Services and customized solutions for Effective Big Data Implementation at competitive prices and minimal time.

We develop, customize, and deploy Big Data Solutions for our clients for swift data discovery, reliable storage capabilities, and scalable cloud storage per changing needs.

We deploy our fleet of big data analytics experts for effective data management and cost-optimized data processing.

SPM Global Technologies Partner with Globally Recognized Tech Brands

Why Your Business Must Be Data-Driven

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