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BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is a web-based easy-to-use report writer much needed by non-technical users. Empowered by the Yellowfin platform, one of the BMC Helix ITSM products facilitates data selection and formatting through the conventional drag-and-drop method.SPM Global Technologies , globally known as the most efficient BMC Smart Reporting third-party vendor, provides cost-effective BMC Remedy Smart Reporting services & support to address your particular ITSM concerns.

Top Ten BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Components

BMC Remedy with Smart Reporting sets an advanced workplace environment fostering a social and intuitive experience with mobile services desk; it helps you develop a more collaborative and knowledgeable workforce for particular IT roles. BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is a suite of components that can be customized for particular objectives. We as one of the top BMC Helix ITSM solution providers select and optimize each component to address a range of issues. Here is a list of 10 BMC Smart IT Reporting components:

Remedy Smart Reporting consultant
  • Administration

    This Remedy Smart component is customized for automated management of content, users, settings, and security.

  • Data Sources

    It provides quick access to a database for real-time reporting. Each data source needs a separate connection for the particular report development.

  • Storyboards

    This component allows combining created reports with images, videos, and text.

  • Users

    The ‘user’ defines any person authorized to log in to Remedy Smart BMC Reporting with usage boundaries predefined by security administrators.

  • Timeline

    It is an auto-generated report that helps the users know occurred events and interact.

  • Discussion Streams

    This BMC Remedy Smart Reporting component facilitates having a collaborative feed containing reports, dashboard tabs, storyboards, images, and screenshots about a particular audience and topic.

  • Tasks

    It allows the users to interact for completing particular items like content creation, correction, or any other action.

  • Views

    It is a metadata layer in-between the data source and report creation. It specifies logic and fields to authorize the users for report creation.

  • Reports

    A report, accessible from multiple storyboards and dashboards tabs, details the combination of formatting, charts, and fields.

  • Dashboard Tabs

    Dashboard tab displays the reports to consumers.


How Remedy Smart Reporting Simplifies Reporting Processes

The fine-tuned integration of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting automates reporting system to keep the in-loop members informed. The enhanced ability to create interactive charts, rich data visualization, and cross-application reports improve the efficiencies of team members to know about the latest incidents. More in common BMC Remedy Smart IT Reporting applications and managed services that make it a worldwide popular reporting dashboard include:

  • Quick commenting on the report
  • Adding notes on a report for a particular period
  • Broadcasting reports at set intervals
  • Starting discussions regarding a report within a users’ group

BMC Smart Reporting Features and Functionality

ROI of any technology integration depends upon the perfect match of functionality and critical issues to be dissolved. Our BMC Smart Reporting specialists analyze existing technical gaps in reporting processes that secretly harm productivity, performance, and quality. For being the top BMC ITSM specialists with years’ experience and proven expertise fine-tune each feature of Smart IT Reporting for seamless core functionality and managed services as your business model needs:

  • Smart Reporting Managed Services

    Deployment Functionalities

    1. Available on enterprise

    2. Available on SaaS environment

    3. Options for multiple deployments

  • BMC Smart reporting Trainings

    Self Service Reporting Functionalities

    1. Easy report creation with drag & drop facility

    2. Rich data visualization

    3. Interactive charting

    4. Cross-application reporting

    5. Pre-populated views

  • BMC Smart Reporting Third Party Vendor

    Improved Collaboration Functionalities

    1. Broadcasting of reports

    2. Commenting on reports

    3. Discussion initiation on any report

    4. Annotating to explain for improvement

    5. 90 out-of-the-box reports to start quickly

  • Smart Reporting Vendors

    Administration Functionalities

    1. Custom reports/dashboards creation

    2. Out-of-the-box KPI metrics for quick assessment

    3. Analysis of reporting server usage

    4. Administer reports generation

    5. Creation of new views and forms

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Services by SPM Global Technologies

We are providing turnkey services and support for BMC Smart Reporting integration over the years as a certified third-party vendor. We have helped the number of businesses to improve their performance, productivity, and quality by providing a roadmap for BMC Smart Reporting implementation. The industry-best a range of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting services, provided by SPM Global Technologies, address your diverse needs in the following domains:

Planning for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting:

Our experts optimize the planning for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting integration taking concerns of all the critical issues like security, user permissions, deployment architecture, upgrade, system requirements, language, etc.

Installing Remedy Smart Reporting

After fool-proof planning for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting integration, we audit the requirement of different installers for different BMC Remedy Smart components. We help you to download the installation files, get BMC Remedy license keys, create a spreadsheet detailing different parameters, and create the database for installation. In addition, we support you to install different BMC components like BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Remedy Single Sign-On, BMC Remedy Mid-Tier, BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Atrium Core Web Services, Atrium Integrator, BMC Configuration Drift Management, BMC Remedy ITSM core, BMC Service Request Management, BMC Service Level Management, BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer, etc.

Integrating BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

Our highly trained BMC experts help you with the hassle-free integration of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. The services under this category take care of all your needs for Remedy AR System server installation, configuration problems, Windows authentication, connecting AR System data source with read-only replicated AR database, etc.

Upgrading BMC IT Smart Reporting

BMC releases updates the views with every new release. The support and services for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting upgrade help you to upgrade BMC Remedy Smart Reporting with the silent mode option. We audit the upgraded Smart Reporting; if we find any issue we initiate troubleshooting of Remedy Smart Reporting.

Using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Components:

Using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Components:

Administering BMC Smart Reporting

Our Remedy Smart Reporting specialists help the administrators with configuration settings, user creation, role permissions assigning, fixing access to views/ data sources/content folders, etc. Get BMC Smart Reporting Trainings from us and upgrade the skills of your IT team to make the most effective use of this solution.


The concern about problem-solving is natural for any new user of Remedy Smart Reporting but when you hire SPM Global Technologies for BMC Smart Reporting consultancy services, be sure of using the Smart Reporting ITSM tool in a trouble-free manner. We help you with troubleshooting in all the critical areas like user synchronization, performance, content synchronization, system information, logging, broadcasting, content import, etc.

Why Hire SPM Global Technologies as BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Consultant

We are providing BMC services and support over the years as a leading ITSM solution expert. During the journey, we have helped many prestigious businesses to improve their growth rate by integrating advanced ITSM technologies; and, BMC Helix is one of them. By hiring SPM Global Technologies as your BMC Helix Smart Reporting service providers , you can be sure of getting:
  • Enhanced visibility into incidents and trends for strategy improvement of issue resolution rate

  • Improved efficiencies

  • Reduction of task completion time; hence, faster delivery

  • Unprecedented ROI

  • Competitively-priced BMC Helix Smart Reporting service support

  • Online/on the site BMC Smart Reporting training

  • Objective-oriented Smart Reporting managed services

  • On the time completion of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting integration

  • Industry best service/support for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

  • Affordable BMC Smart IT Reporting consultancy with a flexible scope

Our end-to-end consulting approach for BMC Smart Reporting integration develops an organizational culture of better organized IT teams, streamlined workflows at increased transparency, minimum silos, the fastest deliveries at peak efficiencies, prompt quality checks at each stage for zero-defect development, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the Reports Remedy Smart Reporting interface. The reports can be scheduled by using broadcast options.

You can’t have a particular time period for report scheduling.

No, you don’t need to have a separate license for using ‘Remedy Smart Reporting’. Remedy ITSM license allows you to get access to Remedy Smart Reporting.

Yes. SPM Global Technologies, as one of the best Smart Reporting Vendors, conducts on-the-site and instructor-led online training for integrating BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

It is simple.

  • 1. Log in to BMC Remedy Mid-Tier.
  • 2. Access to Applications menu
  • 3. Select Smart Reporting to access Smart Reporting Console.
  • Users, assigned to Consumer & Collaborator role in BMC Smart Reporting , can access dashboards and reports. These users are allowed to broadcast, distribute, & email the reports.

    Users, assigned with Public Content Writer & Collaborator – Advanced role, have additional privilege to create & manage report approval, views, and a range of admin items. These are allowed to update create fresh and delete views.

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