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SPM Global Technologies, the best Salesforce Sales Cloud service providers and Sales Cloud consultant , provides comprehensive managed support services for integration, configuration, and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud to help you achieve the best sales success. Our industry-best Sales Cloud support services empower the sales and marketing teams to improve productivity by-

  • Getting more leads
  • Deciding faster
  • Closing the leads/cases faster
  • Closing more leads/cases
  • Getting better ‘leads to sales’
  • Reducing efforts and time for closing leads/cases
Service Cloud Third Party Vendor
Sales cloud training salesforce

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud refers to the “sales” module of Salesforce Lightning. It is a cloud-based CRM platform designed to integrate and manage real-time information about customers, leads, and sales. The prime objective of Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud is to automate the lead management and sales process to improve the performance and productivity of sales managers, field sales executives, presales specialists, and reps.

Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud is available in four different editions (Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited) with different capabilities to suit your optimized business objectives and budget. Sales Cloud can be integrated with other Salesforce Cloud platforms also like Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud , Service Cloud , etc. The top business sectors that highly benefitted by embracing and relying on Sales Cloud for their strategic growth are financial services, automotive, communications, CPG/retail, higher ED, healthcare, life sciences, media, manufacturing, non-profit, public sector, etc.

Technically, Salesforce Pardot associates with Sales Cloud, whereas Marketing Cloud needs an alignment with its native Cloud platform. We understand such technicalities related to Sales Cloud Vs Marketing Cloud. You can rely on us for proper Sales Cloud implementation and aligned services.

Importance of Outsourcing Sales Cloud Support Services and Benefits:

The success rate of every business highly depends upon faster and predictable productivity improvement of sales teams. Sales Cloud managed services provider and Sales Cloud third party vendor, SPM Global Technologies has proven capabilities to leverage the B2C and B2B benefits of Sales Cloud integration, and configured implementation.

Businesses need to develop and empower sales professionals with integrated training, Coaching, and onboarding. Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud is an ideal Enterprise sales management solution that suits every size and type of business whether it is a small to medium business, commercial establishment, or enterprise.

The integrated automated support and scalable performance metrics help the sales teams and organizations both.
  • Increased opportunities (Specifically designed for salespeople)
  • Accurate and dependable data-driven forecasting
  • Personalization of the entire sales process
  • Productivity improvement (37% increase in sales volume)
  • Steady growth (Sales Cloud customers experience a 45% boost in customer retention)
  • Shortened sales cycle facilitating the salespeople to focus better on new sales opportunities
  • Better aligned sales and marketing activities
  • Less time-consuming accurate reporting
Sales Cloud Training
Sales cloud training salesforce

How does Sales Cloud help the Businesses? Features & Capabilities

Salesforce Sales Cloud is named Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Sales Force Automation (SFA) on August 3, 2020 for the straight 14th year; the globally recognized credential certifies the excellence of Salesforce innovation. As one of the top-performing Sales Cloud vendors and Sales Cloud managed services provider, we configure and customize each Sales Cloud feature to maximize the productivity resulting in increased sales volume:

Certified Technical Architect
Sales Path Process Automation

It allows the sales managers to define and manage sales processes easily. It shows appropriate actions for the sales reps; thus, helps the managers to guide and monitor sales behavior and activities more effectively.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Service Providers
Sales Cloud Einstein / AI

AI-powered analytical capabilities help the sales managers to have accurate predictions based on clouded information, trends, and engagement opportunities.

Sales Cloud Managed Services
Sales – CPQ

Our highly trained BMC experts help you with the hassle-free integration of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. The services under this category take care of all your needs for Remedy AR System server installation, configuration problems, Windows authentication, connecting AR System data source with read-only replicated AR database, etc.

Sales Cloud Third Party Vendor
Products & Price Books

The time-saving feature simplifies setting pricing options to quote faster for listed services and products. It allows sales managers to announce special discounts for a particular customer group or territory. The custom layouts and fields simplify managing multiple prices with different criteria for a single product.

Sales Chatter.png

Sales Chatter

It lets the salespeople in different roles collaborate on service cases, sales opportunities, projects, and campaigns. It facilitates the employees to share and access the information faster for improved productivity.

sales enablement.png

Sales Enablement

The feature supports the salespeople to sell more by enabling the potential customers to buy promptly because they have more material and guided practices to convince and engage the customers. Sales Enablement aligns marketing, sales, and management to convert the opportunities into revenue.

Sales Cloud Support Services

MuleSoft Integration with Sales Cloud

Salesforce MuleSoft connector simplifies the integration across Service Cloud , Sales Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Force.com, etc. It provides the access to Salesforce entities and automates the business processes to increase revenue and serve the customers better.

pipeline forecost management.png

Pipeline & Forecast Management

It helps the organizations to plan ahead in line with comprehensive forecasting based on KPIs. The real-time view of forecasts allows for adjusting at right time.

Certified System Architect

Sales Collaboration

The tool allows the sales teams to collaborate better and perform better. Anytime and anywhere access to critical projects, teams, and topics drives in higher productivity because it expedites the entire sales process.

Certified Application Architect

Lightning Voice

Salesforce Lightning Voice feature enables one-click calling with automated call logging to communicate with customers and prospects. The facility to localize sales reps’ phone numbers for the particular territories contributes to an improved response rate.

What Do We Do as Sales Cloud Managed Services Providers?

SPM Global Technologies has in-depth knowledge, global exposure to the latest practices, and proven expertise in customized Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions. As an innovative Sales Cloud managed services provider, we set up, configure and customize Salesforce Sales Cloud assuring you of improved sales, increased revenue, and better customer relationships. The ever-expanding list of Salesforce services makes us the best trustworthy Salesforce Sales Cloud service providers :

Sales Cloud Trainings by SPM Global Technologies

As being one of the top Sales Cloud vendors, we conduct a range of task and career-oriented Sales Cloud trainings Salesforce: The Sales Cloud trainings are conducted in instructor-led and self-learning virtual modules to help the growth and performance concerned Salesforce professionals, such as Platform Developer I training. We follow the latest updated training curriculum and lab practices to help you easily have globally acknowledged Salesforce certified credentials for high-rated job roles like field services Lightning consultant , platform developer, certified system architect , certified application architect, Pardot consultant, Pardot specialist, CPQ specialist, certified technical architect, mobile solutions architecture designer etc.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification
  • Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps Using Lightning
  • Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers
  • Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience
  • Certification Preparation for Advance Administrative
Sales Cloud Support Services
Sales Cloud Third Party Vendor

SPM Global Technologies: The Best Sales Cloud Third-Party Vendor & Services Provider:

In the role of Sales cloud CRM services provider and Sales Cloud third party vendor, SPM Global Technologies has helped the numbers of businesses to improve their sales with reduced investment. Our in-house Sales Cloud experts emphasize understanding the performance gaps, improvement scope, competitive challenges, and your particular concerns. Over the years, SPM Global Technologies has become the top choice of businesses relying on Salesforce Sales Cloud to increase their sales in a competitive and buying behavior-sensitive marketing environment because of –

  • Industry best efficiency
  • Transparency, Availability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extended flexibility
  • Customer-friendly innovation approach

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Sales Cloud belongs to the sales automation category under CRM; Marketing Cloud is aligned to the "Marketing Automation" category. Sales Cloud is a start-to-end program that integrates, automates, and scales the entire sales process to increase sales volume and revenue.

  • Marketing Cloud is a unified solution to improve the customer journey, web personalization, content management, email campaigns, mobile networking, social media engagements, data analysis, and advertising..
  • Lightning Salesforce Sales Cloud recommends the best sales practices and provides the relevant documents based on the insights about the customer interaction. It fosters collaboration through in-built social tools that expedites the personalized sales activities to close a particular lead in favor. .

    As being one of best performing Sales Cloud third party vendors, we conduct value-added Salesforce trainings for different job roles like customer management, workflow management, monitoring, analytics, social media management, IoT integration etc. Salesforce technical architect in the U.S.

  • earns up to $150,000/year. Almost 3.3 million new jobs for certified Salesforce are estimated to come on the surface by 2022. .
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM), integrated with Salesforce, simplifies and automates personalized partner onboarding, recruitment, and sales. It makes the partners more efficient marketers by providing integrated real-time information relevant to particular leads..

    As being one of the top Sales Cloud consultants and Sales Cloud managed services providers, we offer comprehensive support to advance existing Sales Cloud by integrating, configuring, customizing task-oriented products/tools like - Partner Communities, Einstein Sales Analytics, Salesforce Inbox, AppExchange, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud etc.

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