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Our Wide-Ranging System & Software Service Portfolio


Our well-designed integrated solutions and DevOps managed services help your businesses reduce manual intervention, and manual errors, and automate workflow, release cycles, and service virtualisation to achieve greater scalability. We make deploying your workloads easy with DevOps agility. Our DevOps experts perform coding in hours to accelerate your business processes, development workflow, and IT frameworks. We help you deliver your excellent software solutions faster.

We help you make effective DevOps use in application development to align with the evolving IT and software delivery arena. We help you adopt the DevOps culture for a faster time to market. Please work with us to adopt DevOps solutions to enhance DevOps use in the Infrastructure process, and accelerate ideation to delivery of software solutions and apps to stay competitive.

Embedded Services

Embedded Services

We offer the latest technology in embedded platform development, including FPGA, ASIC, and DSPs. We are the one-stop solution for all your mechanical, PCB, software, and hardware requirements.

Our embedded software and integration meet hardware and help you harness the latest embedded technology in any smart device

  • We help you adopt rapid changes in technology. We provide embedded engineering services to suit your needs and business goals.

  • We define the architecture or firmware, design, and implement embedded solutions for Linux-based devices and other platforms.

  • We design automatic parameter monitoring systems for various vehicles by developing middleware and integrating 3rd party applications.

  • We ensure that Linux distributions are effectively embedded with the IoT software irrespective of the hardware you use.

  • We ensure the best Return on Investment through extensive embedding and testing of solutions developed for you.

  • Our designers create high-performing, efficient, and reliable IoT devices by adopting the System-on-Model approach. 
  • Data Engineering

    We leverage the latest Data Engineering Technology for data mining, reconditioning, and more to help you establish your new businesses, draw winning strategies, and expand your business in new territories. 

    We enable data-driven decisions and approach to scale your business. Our data engineering service starts with drawing data engineering roadmaps to resolve your unique business problems. We help you obtain data-driven insights for business establishment, planning, and entering into new market territories for expansion.

  • We monitor your operations to debug issues by adopting real-time preventive measures. We provide actionable, data-driven insights to grow your business by leveraging the latest technology, like machine learning algorithms and R programming language.

  • We help you collect data, and inspect it by combining it with complementary information to get actionable insights.

  • We enhance the supply chain of your asset management by streamlining data flow to various connected devices.

  • We leverage the latest networks like GoogleNET and ResNET to enable AI-driven machine vision services, such as image classification, super-resolution, and segmentation.

  • Our Approach to System & Software Services

    • Analyse

      We examine the trends, patterns, and criteria through a micro-view of your enterprise objectives, processes, and more.

    • Build

      We adopt agility to develop excellent solutions. We work per a well-thought product roadmap and assess the progress at every stage to ensure the best quality and timely release.

    • Implement

      We play our role in helping clients achieve their business goals by implementing software solutions across various domains and technologies.

    Why Choose SPM Global Technologies

    We create excellent engineering experiences by applying rich code.

    • Fabulous Tech Workforce

      We engage the most talented and experienced software professionals to execute every project to make your business idea or requirement a reality. We cover every stage of micro-management from ideation to release and support for the high-performing solutions being a top core system & software company.

    • Excellent Journey Assured

      We provide capability-enhancing engineering services to ensure a reliable and seamless journey. We provide system and software solutions to help you meet your business objectives by keeping engineering at the core of functioning.

    • Great Value Addition

      We ensure service efficiency by adding value to the entire project execution, from ideation, architecture set-up, development, and development of the system and software solutions for you. Our most competitive pricing keeps us ahead of others.

    • Faster and Integrated Delivery

      Our coding experts work together to adopt agile culture to deliver your code well in time and free from errors. We follow best practices at every stage, including strategizing, structuring, design, coding, development, to implementation. Our impeccable processes result in the best solutions as per your needs.


    Technology We Use

    System & Software Service Portfolio

  • Protractor
  • Robot
  • Django
  • Selenium
  • TestNG
  • Pytest
  • AngularJS
  • Warrior
  • MySQL
  • Cassandra
  • mongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • Databases
    Container Technologies

  • Docker

  • Docker Plugins

  • Docker Extensions

  •  Software Service Portfolio
    Serverless Technologies

  • Power BI

  • Jupyter

  • Instrumentations

  • Addons

  • System & Software Experts

  • Kubernetes


  • Red Hat Openshift

  • Swarm

  • Software Experts
    Metric Generation and Collection


  • Dynatrace


  • System  Service Portfolio



  • Top Core system & software company
    Graph Tools & Databases

  • Gremlin

  • JanusGraph

  • Neo4j

  • Embedded platform development
    NoSQL & Indexing Tools

  • Cassandra

  • Elastic

  • Mongo DB

  • Solr

  • Data Engineering service
    Programming Languages

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • R-Programming

  • Scala

  • Data Engineering technology
    Messaging Tools

  • Akka

  • kafka

  • DevOps use in the application development
    Big Data Tools

  • Flink

  • Hadoop

  • Spark

  • Hadoop YARN

  • Embedded platform  software company
    AI/ML Techniques

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Classification

  • Deep Learning

  • DevOps managed services
    Cloud Services

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Google Cloud

  • IBM Cloud

  • Networking

  • ML Tools

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