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Helping You Adopt Agility Through DevOps For Faster Software Delivery

SPM Global Technologies partners with leading tech brands globally. We help you embrace agile methodology for your software development operations. We deliver custom cloud-native solutions and modernize your applications for better performance and productivity.

SPM Global Technologies DevOps Consulting and Solutions Partner
DevOps Integration
Workflow Orchestration for Product Release

Streamline development operations for faster product release and orchestrate apps and microservices across various environments.

DevOps Integration and Implementation
Automate Implementation

Automate configurations and manage infrastructure through DevOps best practices across the multi-cloud environment for accelerated operations, timely delivery, and the highest customer experiences.

DevOps Solutions
Real-Time Performance Overview

Implement Value Stream Mapping for complete visibility of workflow and DevOps Metrics. Enhance product delivery performance and organizational performance.

Guiding Your Business to Adopt DevOps

Workflow automation to increase the pace of operations, adopting monitoring practices to assess work periodically, and a well-thought DevOps Roadmap for a streamlined adoption across various levels of your organization.

Our DevOps Technology Consulting Services and Solutions at A Glance

DevOps Integration and Implementation

SPM Global technologies provide technology consulting services to clients from across the world. We help our clients adopt best practices to combine software development (Dev) and their IT operations (Ops).

We partner with clients throughout their transformation journey by providing DevOps assessment, integration, implementation, testing, and DevOps pipeline.

DevOps Consulting and Solutions Partner
  • DevOps Strategy and Consulting

    Consult our DevOps and Cloud experts to draw a strategy customized to your business needs. We offer DevOps consulting, assess your IT infrastructure, build a DevOps Roadmap for your business, and help you with agile transformation.

  • Continuous DevOps Delivery

    We help you build and monitor continuous delivery pipelines for microservices and serverless computing across various platforms.

  • DevOps Monitoring

    We provide solutions to help you monitor your microservices applications and delivery pipeline. You can track the progress of every software development project with ease.

  • Ensuring DevOps Success

    We guide you through performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure DevOps success at various stages.

DevOps Solutions on Various Cloud Platforms

DevOps consulting
AWS DevOps Services

We help you adopt DevOps Solutions on AWS Cloud by leveraging integration services for development on AWS Cloud.

DevOps Experts
Google Cloud DevOps Services

We help you utilize solutions built on Google Cloud by leveraging Google’s Infrastructure as a Service and other facilitations for development.

DevOps Monitoring
Azure DevOps Services

We enable DevOps Solutions on Azure through workflow orchestration, package management solutions, and other features of the cloud.

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