BMC Client Management

Integrate IT Workflow with BMC Client Management for Risk Mitigation

Do you want to reduce your service desk call through integrated endpoint management? Choose BMC Helix Client Management service providers to automate your endpoint management. IT professionals are using these Client Management support services for controlling costs, maintaining compliance, and mitigating risks. Starting from procurement of the device to disposals, BMC Helix Client Management Third-Party Vendors offer an accurate assessment of hardware installations, ensuring adherence of the device to organizational policies, supporting IT systems. Now, let’s take a look at the business challenges that have led to development of BMC Client managed services.

BMC Client Management

Business Challenges at the backdrop of BMC Client Management:

As businesses continue to grow, Information Technology firms also face the difficult task of accurately managing technology assets. Some of the common challenges of the BMC BCM Managed Services encompass:

  • Finding out and tracking of the hardware and software support services
  • Maximizing software licenses
  • Upholding existing patches and decreasing possible vulnerabilities
  • Supporting service desk with troubleshooting issues & integrating to reduce escalations
Helix BCM Consultant

BMC Client Management – A Solution to Support IT Problems

BMC Client Management Trainings

BMC Helix Client Management service providers deliver desktop, mobile as well as laptop management. The solution facilitates IT professionals in controlling costs, avoiding audit failures, and decreasing the possibility of data loss. Since the time of acquiring a device, Helix BMC Consultants use the proper Operating System and software pertaining to the device, complying to organizational and industry policy and keeping patches up-to-date till the device is discharged.

What are the Key Features of BMC Client Management?

The key facets of Client Management include:

  • Integrated, simple, and complete inventory management, through which IT professionals come to know about the assets and how they are being used.
  • Ensures that your devices are secure and compliant with IT policies.
  • Providing remote access to devices, even not connected on VPN.
  • Offers pre-approved self-service for software download and common activities.
  • Integrates endpoint management with service desk or CMDB (Client Management Database).
BMC BCM Managed Services

How do BMC Helix Client Management Service Providers support IT Professionals?

BMC Client Management Vendors use an advanced system management software application that offers a consistent method of monitoring all systems on a set-up. IT professionals automating client management support services facilitate IT organizations in controlling costs and reducing financial risks.

Consistent monitoring

BMC Client Management vendors using an advanced system management software offer a consistent method of monitoring all systems on a network. The software detects the exact point of failure and helps to quickly resolve the network issues. As a client-server system, BMC Client Management consists of several computer programs. It has a database integrated with the master server. The graphical user interface helps to access data in the database.

Automated client management

The process of client management gets automated through BMC Client Management consultants, enabling IT professionals to control cost, maintain compliance and minimize financial risks. Using BMC BCM service providers, you can get an accurate view of software installation, adhering to industrial rules and supporting systems. You can streamline and mechanize client management with a detailed set of capabilities, including discovering, configuring, managing, and securing all IT end points. These capabilities help you to pass software audits in an easy way, decrease data susceptibilities and avoid financial risk through software patching. Seeking BMC Client Management trainings for implementing the software solution help you discover all clients and edge devices.

IT client management

Helix BMC consultants enable you to manage clients from the very beginning. You can easily mechanize processes and can successfully manage IT assets with BMC Client Management trainings, while delivering and communicating business value.

5 Modules of BMC Client Management Support Services

BMC Client Management modules can be purchased individually or as the whole suite, either on-site or on the cloud platform


Through this module, you can automate the process of inventory tracking for guiding investment decision making, decrease manual processes, as well as maintain compliance. Expensive audit failures can be prevented by comprehending software license use along with related financial responsibilities.


Another component of BMC BCM service providers is Patch, which helps to centrally evaluate, manage, implement, and report on patches for ensuring that the systems are protected and business integrity remains intact.


One can easily deploy and migrate the BMC BCM managed services for ensuring that all systems remain protected and up-to-date.


You can eliminate the stress of monitoring IT assets, defining policies, and providing auditors with the records of compliance levels from a centralized console. Moreover, IT professionals are able to decrease energy consumption of PC and track the Return of Investment and Total Cost of Ownership through the BMC BCM Managed Services. Further, Helix BMC consultants can outline and implement usage policies, including content availability for uploading, downloading, and keeping track of activities across all assets.

Remote Control

You can detect and resolve issues on your PCs, without leaving your desk.

What are the Key Benefits provided by BMC Client Management Vendors?

    • Decreasing patch time by 27% by setting and forgetting automation
    • Reducing deployment time by 78% for several operating systems and applications
    • Diminish post-PC migration service desk calls by 77% through integrated profile migrations
    • Realize 100% ROI within 2 years of Client Management venture

BMC Client Management Consultants help you to get centrally manage client assets, optimize software license management, mitigate risk of audit failure and help to make informed and sound decisions. Further, you can deliver data through reporting and get self-service for software downloads. Consequently, this facilitates in maximizing your return on investment with granular power management set-up.

Top 12 Facets BMC Client Management Solution At a Glance

Here are the top 12 facets of BMC Client Management, for which you should definitely use BMC solution in your IT workflow:

Discovery & Inventory

Automated inventory tracking facilitates in guiding your investment decisions, decreasing manual processes, and maintaining compliance for virtual devices

Operation Systems & Application Deployment

Centralized and automated deployment or migration of systems without any configuration for least disturbance.

License Management of Software

Decreased audit failures through comprehending the use of software licenses.

Patch Management: BMC Client Management

support services give you the power to evaluate, manage, organize, and report on patches for ensuring safe and secured systems.

Event Management

This facet of BMC Helix Client Management Third Party Vendors helps to extend monitoring as well as custom alerting competencies to track, manage, and mechanize remediation at the time of prime infrastructure events.

Policy Compliance

You can easily ensure device compliance to industrial, and corporate standards, and thus obtain reports for satisfying audit requests.

Device Safety

Effective BMC Client Management training enable viewing, controlling, monitoring, and update of all key antivirus as well as anti-spyware software from one single source.

Mobile Device Management

BMC also helps you to manage mobile devices through an integrated console. Further, you can check compliance, applications, and remotely lock devices with the Managed Services.


It is a metadata layer in-between the data source and report creation. It specifies logic and fields to authorize the users for reports creation.

Power Management

You can manage power by reducing energy bills and environmental footprints with PC energy consumption.

Device Management

BMC software application helps to centrally define and enforce device usage policies, control upload, download activity, record peripheral device events and audit unwanted activities.


Through BMC Client Management, you can get access requests without going to websites or submitting help desk forms.

How to install BMC Client Management Console?

Now, comes the question of how should you install BMC Client Management Console? Well, for downloading and installing BMC Helix Client Management Console, go through the following steps:

  • Clicking Web Start Package, which is the method of recommendation for installing and accessing the console.  You have to download the web start installer .exe file to your PC.
  • Next, you have to process the web start installer on your PC.
  • Finally, you need to enter your login information and click ‘Login’.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best tactics for BMC Client Management server cluster deployment.

Strategies for BMC Client Management Server Cluster Deployment

A fault-tolerant high-availability deployment shields against unplanned interruption of member nodes. In case a member node of a cluster falls, the connection gets automatically diverted to other available nodes. Here are the top 3 techniques of fault-tolerant BMC Client Management server cluster deployment.

    • Architecture – It is the fundamental notion of BMC Client Management. This helps you to run the service on individual nodes and using a shared master file directory.
    • Prerequisite- Whenever you are deploying the cluster architecture, make sure you have the following stuff:
      • At least 2 servers as member nodes for the cluster with specific  IP.
      • A master directory on a shared location, accessible to all member nodes in the cluster.
      • A cluster management system to make sure that one member node has the service running at any given point of time.
      • All member nodes should have Java installed according to software requirement.
    • Establishing the cluster

    In order to set up the cluster, check out the following steps:

    1. Install client database client on every node.
    2. Set up BMC Client Management master server on the current active node.
    3. Create BMC Client Management agent service on other cluster nodes.
    4. Provide the IP address of the cluster to BMC Technical Support for producing apt license file.  IP address should be of the cluster and not of a member node.
    5. While rolling out agents, establish the Trusted Address parameter in the File Store module configuration for including IP address of the member nodes of the cluster as well as the cluster itself.

    Choose top BMC Client Management Third Party vendors or BMC BCM Service Providers to make your IT work process effective, reducing financial risk.

FAQs on BMC Client Management

BMC Client Management comprises an advanced system management software application that provides a consistent way of monitoring all systems on a network. BMC Client Management facilitates automating the client management process, allowing organizations to control costs, maintain compliance, and reduce financial risks.

Check out the following steps for downloading and installing BMC Helix Client Management Console:

  • Click on Web Start Package, which constitutes to be a recommended methodology for the installation and the access of the console. The web start installer .exe file gets downloaded to the PC.
  • Process the web start installer on the PC.
  • Enter login details and click on Login.
  • Choose the Start menu and the Control Panel.
  • Open Add or Remove Programs window of the Control Panel.
  • Find the constituent to uninstall BMC Client Management Client in the program list.
  • Select it.
  • Click on Remove

BMC Client Management as an advanced system management software application provides consistent monitoring of all systems on a set-up through:

  • Consistent monitoring
  • Automated client management
  • IT client management

BMC Client Management modules could be purchased individually or as a whole suite, on-site or on the cloud platform. The key modules include:

  • Inventory
  • Patch
  • Deployment
  • Compliance
  • Remote Control
  • Reducing 27% patch time by establishing automation
  • Decreasing 78% deployment times for various operating systems and applications
  • Lessening post-PC migration service desk calls by 77% through cohesive profile migrations
  • Realizing 100% Return On Investment  within 2 years of Client Management endeavor

BMC Client Management features in your IT workflow include:

  • Discovery & Inventory:
  • Operation Systems & Application Deployment
  • Software License Management
  • Patch & Event Management
  • Policy Compliance
  • Device Safety
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile Device
  • Power Management
  • Device Management
  • My Apps

To set up the cluster, check out the following steps:

  • Install client database on each node.
  • Establish the BMC Client Management master server on the currently active node.
  • Create BMC Client Management agent service on other cluster nodes.
  • Provide IP address of the cluster to BMC Technical Support for producing an apt license file.
  • Set up TrustedAddress parameter in FileStore module configuration to include IP address of the member nodes of the cluster and the cluster itself.