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Managed Services and Support

Managed Services and Support – Free up Operational Resources and Align to Strategic Business

Managed Application Services can save your costs and make your job easier.

Understanding Managed IT Service

The IT task provided by a third-party managed service provider in the form of various application management solutions and services is known as managed IT service.

The IT services and equipment management falls under the purview of the application support services provider. An annual or monthly fee must be paid by the organizations in addition to the service receipt. The organization will be able to concentrate on its primary business objectives by delegating the responsibility of IT maintenance to IT Managed Service providers.

Managed application services include the network, applications, infrastructure, and security. Additionally, it makes it possible to actively manage the processes in their MSP's (or a third-party's) data center.

Managed Services and Support

How we can help?

  • IT Managed Services Provider can help you with the following

    1.With a single interface, we assume complete management responsibility for your applications.
    2. Manage an automation, service management, and operations management business that is highly industrialized.
    3.We assist you in optimizing your operations and infrastructure by utilizing opportunities for automation and analytics.

  • Benefits

  • While guiding you through continuous service enhancements, we help you focus on innovation.

  • Put the money you save back into implementing your digital transformation plan.

  • Accelerates time to value while lowering risk and costs.

  • Our Services for Manages Services and Support

  • Application Administration

    You will be able to manage queues that are populated by customers in order to carry out system administration tasks like handling incidents, anticipating and resolving issues, publishing knowledge articles to prevent future incidents, planning and enforcing system changes, and fulfilling requests.

    You can use this service to free up skilled resources to help you meet the goals of the business IT roadmap, which increases agility, reduces risk and costs, and improves service quality.

  • Application Operations

    Application Operations enable monitoring systems to ensure availability and optimal performance, manage patches, perform performance tuning, identify areas for improvement and automation to drive CSI, and manage customer-specific integrations and customizations.

    System availability, reduced system vulnerabilities and compliance, enhanced performance management, and enhanced business solution support are all advantages.

  • Govern & Manage

    Transactional volumes of incidents resolved, problems investigated, changes implemented, knowledge articles published, requests fulfilled, checks performed, and so on are all included in the monthly report SPM-Globaltech of managed services activities. You will be completely aware of all managed service activities with this.

  • Offshore Service Delivery Manager (SDM) Service

    Through a dedicated SDM offshore, we guarantee the services' smooth administration and delivery. A higher level of customer satisfaction and the benefit of a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) will be yours.

  • We also provide a free trial service and a dedicated group of experts who are available around the clock to assist you.

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Managed Services and Support