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Audit Management

ServiceNow Audit Management – Plan, and Enhance Audit Assurance and Increase Productivity

Do you want to plan the audit engagements and execute them hassle-free? Then, opt for ServiceNow Audit Management services from a third-party vendor. ServiceNow Audit Management service has a set of activities to plan audit engagements and execute them smoothly. It helps in the report findings giving necessary data to the audit committee and executive board. With Audit Management services, you can prioritize internal audits. The risk data and entity details help you to eliminate periodic audit findings. You can also improve audit assurance and increase productivity.

Servicenow Audit Management
Audit Management

Features of ServiceNow Audit Management

The following features of the ServiceNow Audit Management solutions help your audit automation and increase productivity.

Audit Engagement Lifecycle: This feature helps you organize the process for creating, scheduling, scoping, and executing audits. Additionally, it helps in reporting findings.
Audit Project Management: You can access Product Portfolio Management which helps track engagement resources, costs, and timesheets.
Evidence Requests: You can request evidence from frontline users. This evidence gets consolidated for effortless reuse.
Smart Issue Management: AL/ML is utilized to assign, group, and propose remediation for issues. Then, response workflows are automated.

We know that in any organization, regulations and policies keep changing frequently. Keeping the resources in hand to cope with the changes is challenging. To avoid the risk of such change, companies need improvement in visibility into changes and deploy audit aids faster. You can achieve this through a robust solution. Additionally, you can improve information security practices with ServiceNow audit management solutions. In the Governance, Risk and Compliance journey, the audit management is the final step. It ensures that the actions are performed right for risk mitigation.

Benefits of ServiceNow Audit Management Solutions services -

    • You can define audit-scope
    • Ingesting controls, related policies, tasks, issues, and other related information helps in ensuring regulatory compliance
    • Organize audit operations
    • Reduced cost with automated evidence collection boosts profitability
    • A centralized system of data helps in communication, coordination and completion of tasks related to audits

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Audit Management