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AWS Cloud Services

What are AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Services?

AWS is the world’s most reliable cloud computing service platform. The most dependable cloud computing service platform in the world is AWS. Globally adopted by millions of customers, including major government agencies and start-ups.AWS cloud services aid in cost reduction, agility enhancement, and quicker achievement of business goals. It has helped businesses adopt digitalization by providing over 200 featured services from global data centers.

The AWS Certified professionals at SPM Global Technologies provide your organization with exceptional services. We strive to provide a framework for the administration that is safe, compliant, and powered by AI.

Implementing the planned strategy for the successful migration of workloads to the cloud through SaaS and IaaS, operating with the use of AWS cloud managed service, monitoring and reporting on AWS cloud platforms around the clock, and securing the cloud operation with AWS secure managed services are the components of our approach. With our AWS cloud computing services, you will benefit from agility, scalability and uninterrupted operations in your business.

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Why use AWS Cloud Services?

  • Multiple Components

    AWS offers significantly many services and more features for those services. It includes infrastructure technologies such as computing, storage, and databases, emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things. With these available components, you can become cloud native. Moving your applications to the cloud is quick, easy, and more reasonable.

    AWS also provides those services with vast functionalities. For instance, AWS offers the most comprehensive choice of databases built for various applications, allowing you to select the best tool for the job at the most reasonable cost and performance.

  • Secure

    AWS core infrastructure is designed to meet the security needs of global banks, highly sensitive businesses, and the military. It supports 98 security standards and compliance certifications and supports a comprehensive set of cloud security tools. Encryption is also available for all 117 AWS services that store customer data.

  • Rapid Innovation

    AWS cloud services allow organizations to experiment and innovate quickly using the latest technologies.

  • Reliable Functional Experience

    AWS delivers unparalleled experience, maturity, scalable, security and performance for critical applications. Therefore, you can rely upon AWS cloud services for the best operational workflows.

Our AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Infrastructure services

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offers you flexibility and control over your IT resources in a cost-effective way. While you deploy, maintain and support your applications, we third-party vendors of AWS Cloud Infrastructure services, take accountability for supporting the physical infrastructure. You will get access to the cloud computing infrastructure on a pay-as-you-use basis. Further, it facilitates secure access to unlimited resources to meet all your business, legal, and compliance needs.

AWS Cloud Database services

Use purpose-built, fully managed databases to upgrade your data infrastructure. To accommodate a variety of data models, including relational, keyvalue, document, in-memory, chart, time series, log, and wide-column databases, AWS provides more than 15 purpose-built engines. In addition, it offers fully managed database services with self-healing storage, automated scaling, and continuous monitoring to help you concentrate on application development.


  • Our experts will help you build use case-driven, highly scalable, and distributed applications suited to your business needs.

  • Your team can concentrate on their core job role by eliminating time-consuming database tasks like server provisioning, patching and backups.

  • You can match your storage and computing needs without any downtime.

  • With complete data oversight and multiple levels of security, AWS databases deliver the high availability, reliability, and security you need for business-critical, enterprise workloads.

AWS Cloud Security services

AWS Cloud Security services include

  • Identity and Access management

    You can immediately start and manage access to your workloads and applications with AWS's identity services for your workforce and customer-centric applications.

  • Detection

    You can swiftly acknowledge potentially unauthorized or malicious activity in your environment by identifying potential security misconfigurations, threats, or unexpected behaviours.

  • Network and application protection Services

    Assist you in implementing granular security policies at your organization's network control points. At the host, network, and application levels, AWS services help you inspect and filter traffic to prevent unauthorized resource access.

  • Data Protection

    You can secure your information, records, and jobs from prohibited access. To help you protect your data and workloads, AWS data protection services include key management, sensitive data discovery, and encryption capabilities.

  • Compliance

    AWS provides you with a complete view of your compliance status and constantly monitors your environment through automated compliance checks depending on your organization's adherence to AWS best practices and industry standards.

We have grown into a reliable service provider for IT infrastructure, information security, and cloud services through our in-depth experience with business requirements, consulting , and provision of a robust technology framework.

With the only objective of empowering businesses like yours, SPM continues to expand its technology capabilities and industry and regulatory expertise in solutions. We truly believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. While technology services and trends change over time, our dedication to serving our customers will remain the same.

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AWS Cloud Services