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BMC BladeLogic – Use automation to lower costs, save labor, improve quality, and increase security

While BMC has rebranded its BladeLogic ITOM services as BMC TrueSight, BladeLogic Database Automation gets supplied under the BladeLogic name. It is one of the industry-leading solutions for automated management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes in the data center and the cloud.

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Business Challenges without BMC BladeLogic

Most organizations’ mission-critical applications depend on healthy data center servers to cope with business competition. If IT consumes much time to provision, configure, or update servers, then the business risk increases -

  • From Security vulnerabilities
  • Of services deployed on non-regulated shadow IT
  • Of facing costly fines for non-compliance

The heterogeneous, virtual, and cloud server environment has many complexities for which IT staff struggle to meet SLAs for uptime and stability.

Further, manual efforts are labour-intensive, error-prone, and not scalable. And most skilled leaders waste time on homegrown, script-based methods with narrow and interim results.

How will Third-Party BMC BladeLogic Server Automation helop?

BMC BladeLogic comes with various features which can help your automation challenges.

  • Thread Remediation

    With BMC BladeLogic Services, you can now go beyond traditional security and compliance solutions for a more proactive approach to safety. Comprehensive threat remediation capabilities, combined with our intuitive dashboards, link vulnerabilities to identified patches and create attack plans for fast deployment of countermeasures when needed. Protect your business from threats and achieve compliance faster with BMC BladeLogic third party Services.

  • Compliance

    It's the perfect solution for organizations who want to ensure their security and compliance standards are met, as it offers role-based access controls, pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST and SCAP, plus integrated documentation and remediations. Get the peace of mind that your organization is safe and compliant with BladeLogic Automation today.

  • Provisioning

    BladeLogic’s powerful provisioning solution provides you with an efficient and cost-effective way to provision server configurations quickly and securely, no matter the size of your data center. With a wide range of approaches, you can easily customize your servers for physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments so you can start working right away.

  • Configuration

    Managed cloud hosting services offers two models for patching

    BladeLogic Automation simplifies your work & eliminates complexity, enabling administrators to manage change & configuration activities across multiple server environments in one place. Automate the mundane and reclaim your time - take back control of your enterprise IT today with BladeLogic Configuration management!

  • Patching

    Automate your infrastructure with BladeLogic Automation. Patching, maintenance and security can be daunting, but BladeLogic makes it easier. Reduce downtime, prevent security breaches and ensure peak performance all the time with BladeLogic IT Automation Suite .

  • Out-of-the-Box Support

    BladeLogic Automation’s powerful platform allows you to harness the power of the cloud, integrate with enterprise solutions like BMC, and leverage content from open-source vendors like Chef®. Streamline your Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® operating systems as well as VMware®, Microsoft®, Red Hat®, Citrix®, IBM® and Oracle® virtualizations for maximum efficiency, all from one easy-to-use platform.

  • Reporting

    BladeLogic Server Automation will give you the power to streamline your processes. With the help of our unique views for compliance, inventory, provisioning, patching, deployment and automation value dashboards, you can drastically reduce the time required to assess the impact of changes and complete your audits.

    All these can be achieved and deployed via third-party service providers for BMC BladeLogic.

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