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Configuration Compliance

Manage Vulnerabilities with ServiceNow Configuration Compliance

IT and security departments still struggle to manage regularly conducting compliance checks and recertifying images for many businesses. They need a way to automatically monitor variations, prioritize vulnerable assets, and estimate security posture. They also need a strategy to document their findings and updates in real-time.ServiceNow Configuration Compliance services assist organizations in overcoming vulnerabilities through a conventional vulnerability assessment. We are the most prominent third-party service provider for ServiceNow configuration compliance automation. From our services, you can identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerable misconfigured software in assets at the deployment stage.

ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Management
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ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Management

Our ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Management services facilitate you to evolve your journey through vulnerability management by utilizing automated classification, service-aware risk scoring, and integrated change management. The process is as follows-

  • Integration of SCA tool with ServiceNow Security Operations
  • Pre-built integrations for Qualys and Tenable curity Operations
  • Import data from the SCA tool into ServiceNow

  • List the Configuration Test Failures on Priority

    To automatically prioritize the issue considering the business context, SPM engineers assist in matching the failed configuration test outcomes to assets in ServiceNow CMDB. Consequently, the misconfiguration's severity and criticality of the risked assets are estimated. The test results will help identify the team that addresses all of the failures and assist in resolving the most acute issue first.

  • Fast Resolutions with Workflows

    The test results groups allow our security analyst to create IT change tickets efficiently. Remediation target rules, which allow for the detection of approaching or past-due dates and ensure that all failures get addressed, determine the anticipated time frame for remediation. During non-critical failures, you can request and approve anomalies to postpone remediation. After addressing the problem, a follow-up scan verifies the fix and resolves the issue.

  • Manage Risks with Explicit Insights

    Integration of configuration issues from the Configuration Compliance dashboard, our specialists provide you with comprehensive insights. Additionally, we assist you in managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance for risk monitoring based on the results of configuration compliance tests. Once you fix the misconfiguration, the risk issue gets resolved automatically. Real-time visibility into configuration issues obliges enterprises to take an immediate and risk-driven approach.

  • Security operations

    As a part of Security Operations, Configuration Compliance enables security orchestration, automation, and response engine. It allows security teams to respond to incidents and vulnerabilities more quickly and effectively.

  • What are the benefits of our ServiceNow IT Compliance services?

  • Enhance Visibility and Reduce Backlogs

    Since the configuration data is centralized, the team can perform remediation tasks. Also, by coordinating with workflows, you can monitor the progression in issue resolution.

  • Quick and more effective response

    With orchestration tools, you can complete basic tasks in less time. Additionally, you can prioritize misconfigurations and quickly respond to them with automation and workflows.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Utilize remediation data to gain practical insight and adjust policies accordingly. Utilize insights from documenting to fine-tune security practices and lessen the risk to the organization.

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Configuration Compliance