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With the rise of online education, the demand for eLearning software has increased rapidly in recent years. These services can range from the development of complete Learning Management Systems (LMS) to the innovation of specialized educational tools and interactive learning modules.

SPM Global Technologies delivers eLearning software that can be customized to serve the specific needs of different educational institutions, including universities, schools, and corporations. By leveraging the latest technologies and eLearning trends, our eLearning software development services can provide a highly engaging and interactive learning experience for students and learners of all ages.

Our developers are industry-experienced and up-to-date on the latest trends in technologies. We have delivered eLearning software to various industries with a wide range of custom eLearning solutions.

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Management Consulting Firms & eLearning Agencies
Learning Management Systems

Custom LMS software meets unique eLearning demands, such as engaging eLearning content creation tools, native connections with HRIS, CRM, and other corporate systems, custom dashboards and statistics, gamification elements, and more.

ELearning Advisory Services
Core Functions of eLearning Portals

eLearning websites offer learners a chance to engage with a variety of eLearning content, including courses, presentations, podcasts, and tests, while also providing content management for eLearning providers.

At SPM Global Technologies, we understand that the functionality of eLearning portals can vary from customer to customer. That's why we work closely with companies to determine the features that will best meet their unique needs.

E-learning Consulting and Strategy Services
Learning Experience Forum

An LXP (learning experience platform) integrates eLearning content from various sources, such as third-party edtech platforms, and makes it available to online learners. The LXP offers recommendation learning content powered by AI based on prior selections and the ability gaps of learners. This method allows the LXP to use eLearning personalization and variety, thereby boosting learning KPIs (key performance indicators).

ELearning Consulting & Advisory Services
Business Knowledge Management Solutions

Business Knowledge Management Solutions (BKMS) is a framework of processes and technologies used by organizations to manage and utilize their intellectual assets effectively. The approach includes:

  • knowledge sharing
  • collaboration
  • knowledge transfer

The objective of the knowledge management system is to ensure that organizations can access and leverage their knowledge and expertise, leading to improved decision-making, operational efficiency, and innovation. BKMS solutions can include knowledge repositories, expert directories, and training programs, all designed to capture, organize, and share knowledge across the organization. Through the implementation of BKMS, organizations can optimize their knowledge resources, gaining a competitive advantage in their industry.

With our extensive experience in LMS development, we categorize the functionality of the custom LMS

eLearning Software Development Services & Solutions
Content Management

Support of various content such as text, images, video, and audio.

Learning Management.png
Learning Management

From onboarding the learner to supporting them throughout the learning journey with learning activities.

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Assessment and Feedback

Tests, quizzes, polls, surveys, reports, certificates and competency management

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Social Learning

Forums and discussion platforms for exchanging knowledge, content ranking and commenting.

open source elearning authoring tools

Mini-games, storytelling, engaging videos, leaderboards, reward points and badges.

eLearning Software Development Company
Content Delivery

Multi-device access for learners, personalized learning paths, online assignments, performance assessments, and electronic certificate management. Learners can self-register via online admission forms and manage their profiles with course details and contact information.

eLearning Software Third Party Vendor
Analytics and Dashboards

The eLearning portal offers personalized learning with AI-based content recommendations, learning history tracking, and feedback gathering. Trainers and managers can access dashboards with valuable insights for refinement.


Secure access to training materials and competence records based on different roles. These records include courses, assignments, exams, attendance, marks, and certifications. Additionally, the portal ensures that learning and learners' records are backed up for safekeeping.

Key benefits of eLearning solutions


Reduced training expenses due to online learning, mobility, and reusing training materials.

Training Coverage
Training Coverage

enable organizations to offer training programs that reach a wide range of employees, regardless of location or schedule.

Quick Onboarding
Quick Onboarding

Faster onboarding processes and lower costs.

Enhanced Training
Enhanced Training

Leverage the latest technologies, such as AI-based content recommendations and personalized learning paths, to create a highly effective training program.

Boost Productivity
Boost Productivity

Improved employee productivity via enhanced engagement and personalized learning journey.

Whether you are looking for content management, interactive quizzes, or collaborative learning tools, our team can help you build an eLearning portal that meets your specific requirements.

SPM Global Technologies eLearning Services

eLearning Solutions Consulting

eLearning Solutions Consulting

Our team is here to assist you in analyzing your eLearning needs and selecting the perfect set of LMS features. We recommend integration with other systems, such as CRM, HRIS, and e-commerce, to create a seamless experience for your learners. With our expertise in technology and implementation methodology, we'll help you choose the best solution for your unique needs and create a detailed project plan to ensure its success. And we don't stop there! Our team will also craft a user-friendly UX/UI design, making sure your learners are engaged and excited to learn. Don't let your online training offers fall behind - contact us today and let's take the first step towards a brighter future for eLearning!

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Custom eLearning Development Solutions

We'll start by conducting a thorough business analysis and design, ensuring that we fully understand your unique requirements. From there, we'll take care of the entire end-to-end development process, so you can focus on what really matters - your business. Our services don't stop there - we'll also assist you with data migration, integrations, quality assurance, post-implementation support, and user adoption and training. With our help, you can rest assured that your software solution will be a success, from start to finish.

Custom eLearning Development Solutions
eLearning Implementation.png

eLearning Implementation

Our team of experts is here to help! We provide a full range of eLearning solutions, from analyzing your needs and designing the portal architecture to developing end-to-end web and mobile solutions. Our team specializes in UX/UI design and branding to create an engaging user experience. We can also integrate your platform with enterprise systems or third-party tools to maximize functionality. We provide quality assurance and 24/7 ongoing support to ensure your platform is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Let us help you create a state-of-the-art eLearning platform that drives success for your organization.

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