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SPM Global Technologies provides a worldwide, adaptable cloud on Google Cloud services.

We are a leading Google Cloud solutions provider with cloud deployment and migration

The cloud has evolved Due to the significant cost reductions associated with public cloud resources, where different tenants share infrastructure to optimize usage and decrease provider costs, there are numerous cloud hosting platforms to select from. And, making a sound strategic choice is critical for the future of your company.

SPM Global Technologies has partnered with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide our customers with efficient, adaptable Google Cloud IT infrastructure. GCP can supply server resources with little latency owing to edge computing, due to data centers distributed in 24 regions and accessible in 200+ countries. It addresses the fundamental difficulties of cloud hosting, in which latency-sensitive applications lag owing to long distances between data centers and consumers.

Google Cloud computing platform , simplifies cloud adoption by providing dedicated servers, serverless computing , storage nodes, and a plethora of platform-monitoring tools. It offers several connectors with third-party providers, thus increasing the flexibility and capability of your cloud infrastructure to promote corporate growth. All of these services are offered on a pay-per-use basis, with running expenses distributed over monthly or quarterly payment plans to improve business cash flow.

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Our Google Cloud Platform Management Services include-

  • Migration and Implementation

    On-premise data centers fall short in comparison to the cloud's performance and scalability. We can assist you with the migration from these old systems by locating and setting up appropriate cloud services that scale and expand with your company. To help you get started in the cloud quickly, we'll cover data transfer, enterprise software migration, and user account migration. As part of this phase, we will create security and compliance guidelines to safeguard your company from risks and guarantee compliance with legal requirements.

  • Application Modernization and Migration

    After updating your IT infrastructure , you should address the out-of-date business applications. It is difficult to use many older programs in the cloud, without compromising efficiency. Before integrating them with GCP, our specialists will assist you in discovering cloud-native substitutes that provide fresh features with enhanced quality and low prices. With Google's Cloud providing complete support for several suppliers, we can develop a new cloud-based workspace that can easily suit your business activities in the long run.

  • Orchestration and Microservices

    You can discover many enhancements of IT operations in the Cloud. One such breakthrough that provides container orchestration and permits the development of microservices is Google Kubernetes Engine. Although fully scalable with the GCP Cluster Autoscaler, these microservices are more robust and easily accessible than traditional systems. We can assist you in leveraging these technologies by containerizing your enterprise services and applications. With automation infrastructure, you may reduce your critical incident reaction time (CIRT) amid outages and effectively decrease your IT administration workload. It enables you to define management policies inside GCP.

  • Analytics 

    The GCP provides practically limitless storage capacity, allowing for the establishment of data lakes and data storage. Modern analytics need these data storage options. We can assist you in creating a data platform on GCP that fully migrates your old systems' data utilizing extract-transform-load (ETL) processing. For Google Cloud data storage, our specialists employ Google BigQuery, which integrates seamlessly with third-party analytics tools like Looker, Tableau, and Qlik.

  • Security and Compliance Management 

    The complexities of IT systems are increasing, as is your attack surface. Your company is vulnerable if the proper controls and policies aren't in place. You may create role-based access control (RBAC) guidelines to manage access to apps, servers, and datasets on GCP with the assistance of our expert cybersecurity specialists. With enterprise-grade VPNs and zero-trust remote access solutions, we also address network security, building a secure cloud platform for your company's operations. The GCP dashboard provides real-time information on cloud security status.

  •  Managed Services

    Cloud administration takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources. Businesses may not fulfil these needs with their current personnel, which is where our Managed Services help. To provide continuous maintenance, optimization, and configuration for your company, our professionals may assume complete responsibility for your GCP setup. With these enablements, your IT staff will be free to focus on other projects. To increase the value of our managed services, our professionals use industry standards from ITOM and ITSM . We also conduct frequent application and service assessments to keep your business at the forefront of cloud innovation.

Why Choose Us as a Third-Party Service Provider for Google Cloud Solutions?

As a Google Cloud Managed service provider, we have the expertise and experience to help you design , implement, and manage your Google Cloud environment. Whether you are just beginning with Google Cloud or have been using it for years, our certified experts can help you optimize your usage and achieve your business goals.

Choosing us benefits you from the following.

  • Architecture Design

    Our experts will work with you to design a customized architecture that meets your unique business needs. We will consider your current infrastructure, data storage, and performance requirements to create a tailored solution that works for you.

  • Cost Optimization

    Google Cloud offers a variety of pricing options, and it can be challenging to determine which is the best for your business. Our team will work with you to identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize your usage, and reduce your overall Google Cloud spend.

  • Support Services

    Our support services offer 24/7 assistance to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We are one of the trusted google cloud partners in India committed to helping you get the most out of your Google Cloud solutions. We offer a free trial service and free consultation.

Reach us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your Google Cloud platform and achieve your business goals.

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