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SPM Global Technologies - your trustworthy source for IT solutions offering excellent healthcare IT services for ten years and above. We address a wide variety of areas, such as cloud computing, IT transformation, and digitization of healthcare delivery. Without needing to expand their own IT staff, medical organizations may adopt tech-enabled healthcare with the support of our full-cycle IT services. Get Our Expert Team to Evaluate, Design, Develop, Modernize, and Improve Your Healthcare IT Solutions and Infrastructure to Streamline Your Daily Operations!

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SPM Global Technologies: A Decade of Healthcare IT Innovation, Powered by Passionate Experts

SPM Global Technologies takes great pride in being an outstanding provider of IT services for the medical industry. With a decade of expertise, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Our dedicated group of healthcare IT professionals is committed to providing solutions that enhance patient outcomes and streamline everyday operations. To assist our clients in using the most recent technology and being at the forefront of innovation, we offer an extensive range of services covering medical digitalization, IT modernization, cloud migration, and IT maintenance. We are the one possible solution providers to help you improve your healthcare IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive Healthcare IT Services by SPM Global Technologies

  • IT Support

    SPM Global Technologies provides full-service healthcare IT support to assist you in managing and maintaining your IT networks, applications, and infrastructure. Our skilled staff delivers L1, L2, and L3 help desk assistance for healthcare IT applications and infrastructure, monitoring of hospital apps, networks, and IoMT infrastructures. We assure healthcare IT infrastructure administration, maintenance, security, and HIPAA compliance. Choose us to keep your healthcare IT systems efficient and functioning while you concentrate on improving patient outcomes and optimizing operations.

  • Managed Services

    Our managed services include proactive monitoring and the development of healthcare IT infrastructure for the effective operation of medical applications. We accomplish it through improved performance management, optimization, and enhancement of the IT infrastructure. We also oversee IT cybersecurity and compliance testing to make sure that the IT infrastructure, as well as its parts and applications, are safe and adhere to rules. Finally, maximizing the usage of cloud resources may help healthcare organizations reduce expenses and improve their overall IT capabilities.

  • IT Consulting

    Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess the current state of your IT environment. The process involves identifying vulnerabilities, unmet needs and developing customized technology solutions to resolve them. We conduct a feasibility study to define optimization steps for your IT environment and undertake digitization projects that offer optimal cost-effective solutions and maximum benefits. Additionally, we will conduct compliance assessments of your IT environment, including evaluations of HIPAA and HITECH regulations to ensure your systems meet all necessary standards.

  • Software Development

    We focus on providing patient-centered healthcare solutions that address administrative and care-related tasks. Our expertise lies in developing SaMD, medical imaging, lab, and medical device software, which typically takes 3-6 months to create an MVP. We prioritize simplified integration with healthcare IT systems, medical devices, and wearables to ensure optimal functionality.

  • IT Optimization

    We incorporate healthcare applications (EHR, medical imaging software, practice management software, etc.), modernize legacy healthcare apps, consolidate healthcare data, and enhance information security and HIPAA compliance.

  • Digital Implementation

    Digital Implementation We assist healthcare organizations in understanding software advancements based on their objectives and needs assessments. Next, we build out feature lists and plan software development. We develop digital health solutions such as eHealth apps, remote patient tracking solutions, patient engagement solutions, digital therapies, and chronic illness management software.

  • Cloud Migration

    We provide HIPAA-compliant cloud choices and affordable cloud migration methods. We migrate applications sequentially in modules as part of our step-by-step process to reduce disruption. We offer server, data warehouse, and desktop transfer services. You can rely on us for safe and straightforward cloud transfer solutions.

  • Data Analytics

    Digital Implementation Our team specializes in building and deploying analytics solutions that enable healthcare organizations to perform various tasks. We provide clinical results analytics, patient-generated health data interpretation (such as glucose, body temperature, weight, and bp), effectiveness assessment and productivity analysis of internal processes and external operations. In addition, financial management analytics are accessible, allowing organizations to track spending every moment, predicted cash flow, and overdue payments.

Partner with SPM Global Technologies for Complete Healthcare Analytics Solutions Why choose us?

Several IT organizations are depending on ITSM services. BMC Helix ITSM has the following features:

SPM Global Technologies employs a modular approach that ensures quick turnaround for clients. Within three months, we aim to offer the initial iteration of your online healthcare system or start implementing the first upgrades to your IT infrastructure. You can rely on us to meet your expectations and provide promising results.

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Custom Solutions

We offer a range of healthcare IT services that can combine to create a unique service package tailored to your organization's specific needs. Whether you need a single solution or a complete solution covering all your processes, we have the expertise to deliver. You can depend on us to work with you to design a customized service package that meets your unique requirements and drives results for your healthcare organization.

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Healthy Collaboration

We believe that successful collaboration with all stakeholders is critical. At SPM Global Technologies, we take pleasure in having the ability to handle business and share our knowledge with our clients. We dedicate ourselves to notifying you of the status of your project via a pre-determined methodology and set of KPIs. Trust us to collaborate closely with your team to produce seamless solutions that exceed your expectations.

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Our team is committed to delivering healthcare software solutions prioritizing quality, security, and innovation. In addition, our enthusiastic support team is available 24/7 to ensure your business operations run smoothly and effectively.

Are you not convinced yet? You can opt for our free trial service to experience our real-time capabilities and expertise firsthand. With SPM Global Technologies, you can trust that you'll receive reliable and comprehensive solutions that drive results for your organization. Don't settle for less.

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