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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

IT Infrastructure Optimization for Your Business Transformation at a Reasonable Cost.

The foundation of any digital enterprise is its IT infrastructure. When businesses adopt cloud technologies, the complexity and costs rise. Lack of platformnative integration from cloud service providers makes finding the interface between multiple platforms difficult. Typically, this incompetence will result in difficulties managing IT infrastructure.

Right technology infrastructure and talent resources are the basis for adapting emerging technologies successfully.

We,Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Provider , understand the critical need for infrastructure services and an efficient IT solution as businesses are getting transformed by the digital revolution. IT Infrastructure Management Services strongly focuses on digitalization. It provides a wide range of services and accelerators for the design , construction, management, and innovation phases of the infrastructure lifecycle.

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Our approach to Infrastructure Management Services is towards Digital Transformation

We understand that ITIL-based techniques and other technologies help manage each infrastructure layer. With managed infrastructure services, we ensure that every function of IT operations workflow is accurately simplified.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services provider will help reduce your IT costs as you don’t have to worry about buying enough space or training the IT team with the latest technologies. In addition, you will have access to technology experts, cutting-edge tools, and advanced procedures that assist you in running a comprehensive IT infrastructure analysis to identify and fix operational issues.

Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing

We aim to provide reliable cloud computing outsourcing services for cloud infrastructure that includes

Our team examines the existing IT infrastructure, defines the issues and creates a plan to mitigate them. In addition, they assist you in setting goals for improving your IT infrastructure. Also, help determine technologies to introduce to the IT infrastructure or to migrate it to the cloud.

  • Design, migration, and deployment

  • Integration of private cloud and public cloud

  • Monitoring, Administration and network maintenance

  • Optimization of Usage costs

  • Regulatory compliance

Through reporting process management and cloud infrastructure improvement plans, cloud computing outsourcing services will assist you with structured IT service delivery. Relying on the results of compliance assessments, you will have access to compliance reports. You will also receive periodic transparent reporting of health checks, security audits, and incident reports with root cause analysis and service level reports.

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Why choose our Cloud Infrastructure Management Services?

Our cloud consultants are always ready to guide you through business growth, customer retention, and streamlining business workflow with a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

By cloud infrastructure outsourcing to us, our customers have witnessed a considerable transformation in their business.

  • 99% - Due to APM and health checks, cloud apps and services are available

  • -46% - Costs associated with using the cloud as a result of optimizing resource use

  • 1-3.5x - Savings in infrastructure management as a result of advanced ITSM procedures

IT Infrastructure Support and Managed Services

With our IT infrastructure support services, we help you keep your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environment stable and performing well. Additionally, it will assist you in maintaining a proactive, highly available, and dependable infrastructure. Our expert team will integrate your IT infrastructure with our established ITSM processes. It guarantees proactive issue resolution and structured change management.

Our capabilities for IT Infrastructure Support Services

  • IT Consulting

    Our team examines the existing IT infrastructure, defines the issues and creates a plan to mitigate them. In addition, they assist you in setting goals for improving your IT infrastructure. Also, help determine technologies to introduce to the IT infrastructure or to migrate it to the cloud.

  • Administration and troubleshooting

    We offer support services for user administration, software configuration & updates, troubleshooting, and identifying and resolving root causes of incidents.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    SPM-Globaltech Automation of the ticketing process help resolves the issues discovered during monitoring. You will have access to reports on how well IT infrastructure components use resources and perform. Additionally, we assist you in configuring monitoring tools.

  • Help desk

    Our support services facilitate from L1 to the advanced level ensuring a better user experience.

  • Cloud Migration

    Configuring cloud infrastructure, strategizing a migration plan with risk management, migrating apps and workloads, and saving money on cloud infrastructure are all areas in which our cloud specialists can assist you.

  • Cybersecurity

    Cyber security services include vulnerability assessments and routine penetration testing.

  • Why Choose Us?

    We are a leading provider of IT infrastructure outsourcing services, serving more than 100 clients with extensive and complex infrastructure. From highly responsible infrastructure management services, we have grown our business from our decade of experience by providing quality services. We focus on SPM-Globaltech delivering high-quality services that assist you in lowering costs and speeding up your progress toward business goals. We continue to offer-

    1.Adherence to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and accomplishment of infrastructure KPIs.

    2.Enhanced reliability and availability of your critical applications and improved business satisfaction with IT.

    3.Security of the endpoints and timely patching.

    4.Use of failover procedures and flexible scaling rules.

    5.Utilizing offshore capabilities and continuous cost reduction through automation and AI Ops lead to a reduction in infrastructure costs.

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