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We have been Logistics and Transportation Software Development Company helping you modernise your logistics operations. We deliver the most reliable logistics management system software to help you track the vehicles’ locations’, fuel consumption, condition, driver’s behaviour, travel time, and other crucial parameters that are significant for your business.

Our exclusive logistics applications aim to reduce your operational costs, optimise the upkeep of your vehicles, and maximise your driver’s safety. We provide a single dashboard to provide a holistic, centralised view of your logistics operations.

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Logistics Software Solutions in India

Consulting for Logistics Software

We help you develop a vigorous and scalable logistics software by.Need analysis and elaborating on ideation. Assessment of app architecture and design.Suggesting the best-suited tech stack. Design or assess user experience.

Logistics Application Development

  • We take up app development to ensure better ROI

  • Business Analysis

  • Design user experience and user interface (UX & UI)

  • Design app architecture and tracking algorithm

  • App development

  • Testing & QA

  • Technical support and assessment

We implement an IT service management platform to help you orchestrate your workflow, and organize your development, testing, and release processes. You can effectively standardize your IT procedures by using the features of this platform.

Logistics Software Solutions We Offer

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Vehicle Tracking

• Dashboard to display vehicle availability

• Real-time vehicle tracking

• Fuel consumption tracking

• Driver’s behaviour tracking – including driving speed, unwanted stoppage, and travel time

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Route Optimisation

• Route schedule based on priorities, deadlines, and distances.

• Route planning and adjustment based on optimum distance and obstacles due to accidents.

• Alerts to logistics managers on entry or exit of a vehicle from a set geographical area.

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Vehicle Maintenance

• Maintenance scheduling and alerts

• Break-down alerts

• Repair orders tracking

• Information management for vehicle warranty and insurance

• Inventory management for vehicle spares

Custom Logistics Software Development Services
Dispatch Management

• Delivery schedule and task allocation

• Route optimisation

• Tracking vehicle service history

• Automated assignment of vehicles

• Effective internal communication between the call centre and drivers

• Real-time trip tracking

• Documents management

Logistics Software Development Services
Logistics Expense Management

• Budgeting for vehicle maintenance and expenses

• Fuel consumption optimisation

• Notifications for vehicle warranty and insurance expiry

Custom Logistics Software Development
Accident Detection & Claims

• Automated vehicle collision notification

• Accident alerts to logistics managers

• Vehicle toeing service management

• Vehicle repair management

IT Services and Software for Transportation and Logistics
Third-Party Logistics

• Visual planning and simulation

• Alerts and Notifications

• Schedule management

• Ecosystem Integrations to manage dataflow

• Planning for better efficiency

logistics management system software
Courier, eCommerce Delivery Service

• Rider Management

• Franchise Management

• Returns Management

• Liability Management

• Cash on Delivery Management

Service Options We Offer

Along with these solutions, we also design, develop, and implement custom logistics software solutions exclusively as per your business-specific needs.

 Software for Transportation and Logistics
Logistics Application Assessment

• We assess your current logistics software or app.

• We suggest functional changes and design new modules to add value.

• We suggest and add features to the app for better outcomes.

Transportation and Logistics

For Fleet Owners

• Achieving higher efficiency amid low margin and increasing fuel expenses.

• Poor visibility on logistics operations.

• Stringent compliance norms to meet government and industry-specific regulations.

• Proper planning for vehicle procurement and maintenance.

• Accidents and improper driver safety causing financial losses.

Best Logistics Software Solutions in India

For Logistics Service Providers

• A custom functionality in your existing product causing functional difficulties.

• Cost on your product goes with your customer base.

• Complex user interface and code-level technical issues hampering customer satisfaction.

Logistics and Transportation Software Development

Our Logistics Software Solutions Suit Various Vehicles

If your company is clear about implementing a particular ITSM platform; however, lacks the technical expertise to make the most of the features, we customise the ITSM platform as per your needs.

• Automobiles (Commercial and Private Vehicles).

• Aviation Machinery (Cargo and Passenger Planes).

• Cargo Ships.

• Rail Goods Wagons.

• Non-powered Components

(Gearboxes, Generators, Containers, Trailers, Tanks, etc.).

Why Choose Us as Your Logistics Software Development & Consulting Partner?

Our ITSM experts examine your IT infrastructure for security, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and many other parameters. They find out the flaws in your IT Service Management process and eliminate the root causes of such irregularities through the best solutions. We execute a multi-dimensional approach to improve your ITSM: SPM Global Technologies have extensive experience and technical expertise in providing Custom Logistics Software Development Services.

Our logistics software targets a reduction in operational and fuel costs. We provide an excellent digital solution to visualise tracking, fleet, and expenses. Adopting our logistics software helps increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Our logistics software reduces accident rates and increases driver retention.

Choose us as your technology partners for IT Services and Software for Transportation and Logistics to bring your innovative software solutions and product ideas into reality.

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