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Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Managed Services – Control your Infrastructure, Improve data & Operational Security

With the growing demands for reducing IT infrastructure expenses, companies are migrating their workloads to the cloud. Managing critical IT processes and business applications manually or with traditional methods will slow down your business processes! Further, using in-house resources to migrate or handle the cloud environment will be a substantial burden. Cloud infrastructure is complex & needs the expertise to manage it. So, enterprises in the market are outsourcing their cloud management to third-party service providers for AWS cloud-managed services.

With Cloud Managed services, an expert AWS premier consulting partner will migrate your applications to the cloud and manages all aspects of your cloud environment.

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AWS Cloud Managed Services

AWS Managed Services (AMS) is an enterprise service delivering ongoing management for your AWS infrastructure. It implements best practices and helps maintain your infrastructure reducing operational overhead and risk. It offers complete services to

  • Provision, run, and support your infrastructure
  • Automation of routine activities such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services
  • Implements your corporate & security infrastructure policies
  • Allows you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred approach

Features of AWS Cloud Managed Services

AWS Managed cloud computing services provide the following features for supported AWS services.

  • Logging, Monitoring and Event Management

    AMS configures and scans your managed environment for logging activity. Depending on the different health reviews, it defines alerts. It aggregates and reserves all logs created resulting from all operations in CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and system logs in S3. In addition to preventative controls, AMS deploys configuration guardrails & detective controls to protect you from misconfigurations.

  • Continuity Management

    AMS provides backups of resources using simplified, existing AWS Backup functionality as per your scheduled interval. With your RFC, restore actions get performed by AMS.

  • Security and Access Management

    Cloud Managed Services delivers endpoint security (EPS). It configures anti-virus & anti-malware security. It includes malware & intrusion detection (Trend Micro). Access management offers access to various resources, likewise Amazon EC2 instances, the AWS Management Console, & APIs.

  • Patch Management

    Managed cloud hosting services offers two models for patching-
    1.Standard patch for traditional account-based patching
    2.Patch Orchestrator, for tag-based patching

    In AMS standard patch, you can choose a monthly maintenance window for AMS to perform most patching activities. In AMS Patch Orchestrator, you will be offered a default maintenance window per account. You can schedule personalized maintenance windows for AMS to patch specific set of instances defined by you with tags.

  • Change Management

    AMS change Management allows you to control changes in your managed environment with the combination of preventative and detective controls.

  • Automated & Self-service Provisioning Management

    You can provision AWS resources on AMS by submitting provisioning and configuration Requests for Change (RFCs). Also, you can configure AWS services directly through self-service provisioning for select AWS services.

  • Incident Management

    AMS proactively alerts you of incidents and responds to both customer-submitted & AI-generated incidents. It resolves incidents based on the incident priority.

  • Problem Management

    With trend analysis, AMS identifies and investigates problems to find the root cause. Problems are remediated with a workaround or a permanent solution to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

  • Reporting

    You can access the monthly service reports to summarize key performance metrics of AMS. It includes -

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    1.Executive Summary & insights
    2.Operational Metrics
    3.Managed Resources
    4.AMS Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence
    5.Financial Metrics around spending, savings, & cost optimization
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  • Service Request Management

    Through the AMS interface, you can request information about your managed environment.

  • Service Desk

    AMS collaborates with full-time Amazon employees to fulfil non-automated requests including -

    1.Incident management
    2.Service request management
    3.Change management

    We are the third-party vendors for Cloud Managed services helping reputed organizations like yours to achieve all the objectives of AWS-managed services. Collaborating with our professionals for cloud infrastructure, you can gain all the advantages from their expertise to manage, automate & monitor your cloud environment. In addition, we deliver -

    1.Support Services for Operating System – Red Hat Enterprise, Microsoft Windows Server, Amazon Linux, and any other Linux distros.
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