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One of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in the World!

We build world-class mobile apps for different audiences, devices, and digital platforms. We have a successful track record of building custom mobile apps considering clients’ business-specific preferences and requirements.

We Are the Top Mobile Application Development Company

The ever-growing number of smartphone users is increasing the significance of user-friendly mobile apps. Through our incredible and well-designed mobile apps, we help you establish a strong connection with your target audience. We are a custom mobile application development company delivering the best mobile apps that serve as an alternative to web solutions and go well with them.

SPM Global Technologies develop mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms with excellent user interfaces and user experience design. We provide robust backends and use the most secure coding to help you win consistent business. Your customers will love these mobile apps and will prefer using them again and again!

best mobile app development companies in the world

We Offer Mobile Apps for Various Platforms, Audience, and Devices, Such As

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We deliver mobile apps for Android, All versions of iOS, WatchOS (For Apple Smartwatches), and Wear OS (For Google’s smartwatches and wearables)

top mobile application development company

We develop mobile apps based on various technologies, including Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps.

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We develop excellent mobile apps for internal usage through enterprise apps, and also for in-app purchases and more.

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Audience & Device

We deliver mobile-app only or mobile app + web app solutions according to your strategic needs.

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Achieve Well-Organised Financial Management for IT Services

We integrate Financial Management functionality into your ITSM platform. This integration helps you effectively use your available resources, get an overview of the cost of your IT processes, and ensure your IT Service Operations are executed within your budgetary constraints.

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Overcome IT Service Issues Due to Mergers and Acquisitions

Managing mergers and acquisitions may be challenging, as you need to add more users, locations, and departments to your current instance. We perform the desired digital workload migrations and integrations to unite additional business units to your IT infrastructure.

top 10 mobile app development companies

We make the most effective use of the best technologies for mobile app development. We develop apps based on flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Swift, Java, Python, and more.

We also deliver Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Your customers can access PWAs through a shortcut. These modern apps help you achieve better engagement, less load time and improved conversions.

Do You Need Expert Advice for Your Mobile App Development Projects?

SPM Global Technologies offer Mobile App Consulting Services to help you choose the right tech stack, architectural design alternatives, product roadmap and planning, and estimation of your budget. Get your queries resolved by the industry leaders!

The Complete Range of Mobile App Development Services

We provide full-cycle mobile app development services and also assist you with any specific development stage. We adopt a flexible approach to building world-class mobile apps for you by leveraging the best mobile app development software. Here is our service portfolio:

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Consulting Services

We provide expert advice and support to conceptualise your mobile apps, decide suitable platform, assess compatibility with various devices, budgeting of your project and create a product roadmap and plan.

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Backend Development

We aim at swift and secure synchronization and transfer of data while designing a mobile app back-end.

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Complementing Web App

We can develop web apps and mobile apps complementing your web apps. Attract users with various devices to grow your business.

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Full-Cycle Mobile App Development

We are well-versed in designing, developing, and deploying world-class mobile apps with a splendid performance.

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UI & UX Design

Our talented designers create easy-to-use interfaces and fabulous user experiences. Our UI & UX design capabilities enhance adaptability, user engagement, and conversion rates for your mobile apps.

QA & Testing of Mobile Apps.png

QA & Testing of Mobile Apps

We have certified testers that perform testing and quality assurance activities across various stages, such as functioning, accessibility, security, UX, and performance.

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Mobile App Modernization

Our talented developers can build your code for a mobile app with new technology, convert your website into a mobile app, or redesign the architecture of your mobile apps.

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Mobile App Integration

Our team leverages the best technology for mobile app development and seamlessly integrates your mobile apps with back-end, other third-party software solutions, and business apps.

Maintenance & Technical Support.png

Maintenance & Technical Support

We offer post-launch support, performance management, app security, compliance, and app advancement.

Select Your Mobile App Service Options

We are flexible to undertake a complete mobile app development project for you, or just a part of the process or stages as per your operational requirements:



  • Market Research
  • App Feasibility Assessment
  • Compatibility Assessment for Platform & Devices
  • Consulting for Tech Stack
  • Budgeting for Mobile App Projects
  • Blueprints for App Architecture
Design & Development.png

Design & Development

  • Designing the App Architecture
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • App Back-end Development
  • Mobile (+Web) App Development
  • QA
  • Integration
  • Release or Launch
  • Further Continual Advancement of the Mobile Apps
Mobile app code review and redesign.png

Mobile app code review and redesign

  • UI/UX Audit and Revamp
  • Redesign of App Architecture
  • Re-engineering of Mobile and Web Apps
  • Database Revamp
  • Custom API Development & Testing

Mobile App Technologies We Leverage

Mobile App Development Programming Languages and Toolkits.png

Mobile App Development Programming Languages and Toolkits

Programming Languages

Java, JavaScript, C#, HTML, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, and more.

Framework and Environments

Android Studio, NetBeans, Xamarin, Eclipse, Flutter, Ionic, iOS SDK, iOS Cocoa Touch, IJ, XCode, and more.

Programming Languages for Back-end Development.png

Programming Languages for Back-end Development

Java, Python, Node, PHP, Go, .Net, and more.

Databases and Data Storages.png

Databases and Data Storages

Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, AWS Elasticache, Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Realm, Firebase, SQLite.



Salesforce, SAP, Power BI, ServiceNow, SharePoint, Adobe Commerce, Microsoft Dynamics 365.



MVC, MVVM, MVP, VIPER, Reactive, Event-Driven.



CI/CD Tools

AWS Developer Tools, Azure DevOps, Google Organizer Tools, CISCO, Jenkins, TC.


Puppet, Saltstack, CHEF, Ansible, HashiCorp Terraform, HashiCorp Packer.


Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Apache Mesos.



Apple Maps, Apple Pay, Keychain API, Rest API, GraphQL, Apiary, G Pay, Google Maps, Bluetooth Low Energy API, Fingerprint API.

Monitoring Tools.png

Monitoring Tools

Elastic Stack, ZABBIX, Nagios, Grafana, DATADOG, Prometheus.

QA Tools.png

QA Tools

AppTester, Appium, Detox, XC Test, .Net Foundation, TestFlight, JUnit5, Mockito, Jest, Enzyme.

Let Our Mobile App Experts Help You Build A Fantastic App

  • We have a team of talented mobile app developers certified in various technologies and domains.
  • Our clients consider us among the best mobile app development companies in the world.
  • Hundreds of successful mobile app projects with satisfied clients.
  • We provide the best UI/UX design for better customer experience and high conversion rates.
  • Well-thought ad placements to prioritize app features and boost user engagement.
  • We possess the technical expertise required to build world-renowned brands.
  • We are experienced in different technologies, like IoT, AI & ML, VR & AR, mCommerce, Image Recognition, Wearables, Smart TVs, and blockchain.
  • We assure the best ratings on Google Play Store and other app platforms through proper compliance and by resolving technical problems.
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