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Imagine finding your perfect house with only a few clicks! Purchasing a home has never been simpler thanks to the virtual real estate market. With ground-breaking technologies, such as digital paper and interactive map views, you can look at property listings, locations, and even developer reviews without ever leaving your house. What's more, the best part? You may now feel what it's like to live in your new house before you even move in!

This modern technology, however, isn't only for purchasers. Real estate developers are also using it to interact with prospective sellers and purchasers. SPM Global Technologies has long been a leader in the provision of IT services to the real estate sector, working with businesses, agents, builders, and platforms.

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  • Cloud-Based Platforms

    Cloud-based SaaS tools transform how real estate agents manage potential buyers and sellers. These systems are expediting communication, streamline lead management, and assist agents in closing more transactions because of their innovative features and user-friendly interfaces. This innovation is led by a SaaS platform developed especially for real estate brokers. With the aid of this robust platform, agents may effectively manage their contacts, automate workflows, and gain real-time business performance information. Discover the potential of cloud-based technologies and advance your real estate company.

  • CRMs and MIS Systems

    Real estate organizations must effectively manage clients, customers, and property data. You may simplify your operations and obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with property data CRMs and MIS solutions. You can manage and organize property data with ease using these platforms. You can also follow up on leads and prospects.You can also analyze performance metrics in real time and follow up on leads and prospects. These tools are crucial for staying ahead in today's fast-paced real estate business, regardless of how big or small your firm is.

  • Advisors Interface

    A realtor's interface is a potent tool designed for builders' salespeople to organize their business processes and increase sales. You can handle leads conveniently, display homes to potential buyers, and conclude deals more quickly with the help of our platform. The user-friendly design makes it easy to access and manage data on the move, allowing you to be more productive no matter where you are. Real estate sales have changed drastically because of realtors' interface, which helps developers and salespeople keep one step ahead of the competition.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile apps have completely changed how clients and brokers buy and sell real estate. Utilizing real estate mobile applications, brokers can readily list properties for sale, and clients can look for homes that suit their needs. Since these applications provide a seamless user experience, brokers and clients may interact, negotiate, and finalize agreements whenever and from any location. These applications are essential in today's fast-paced real estate industry, whether you are a broker or a consumer.

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Our Tech: Powering Innovative Solutions

Our tech experience and IT services for the real estate market, along with your unique ideas, may help you grow your business and make life simpler for your audience. We firmly think that technology has the potential to revolutionize the real estate sector, and we commit to assisting our customers in staying at the forefront of developments. Through our collaboration, you may use our proficiency to improve client experiences, optimize processes, and spur enhancements.

Our Software Developers & Architects are skilled in the following technologies:

  • ReactJs, Python, Vuejs, ReactNative & Kotlin, Django
  • LAMP and MEAN Stack
  • Cloud Technologies like AWS, GCP and Digital Ocean
  • Database – MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB & MS Access

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SPM Global Technologies dedicates itself to offering high-quality enterprise real estate solutions. We handle everything from real estate appraisal to property management software solutions, CRM/ERP, and tenant management. Our professionals are well-versed in the latest developments such as digital transformation, mobility, artificial intelligence and automation, cloud and mobility. Our creative solutions enable our customers to enhance procedures, control risk, and increase production. We offer free trial services. Our support assistance is available 24/7 to help you run your business smoothly.

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